What Are the Shiny Odds in Pokemon Sleep? – Answered

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Pokemon Sleep Shiny Odds

The recently released Pokemon Sleep app is the perfect way of simultaneously keeping track of your sleep while still fulfilling your calling of becoming a Pokemon Master. The better sleep you get, the more Pokemon you can meet, and I find this simply amazing. They even went the extra mile and included Shiny forms in the game too.

And this might be the perfect incentive for some to start having healthy sleeping schedules, as silly as this might sound. The fact that it seems to be easier to spot a Shiny here certainly contributes to that. But what are the exact odds of finding a Shiny in this app?

Are There Official Shiny Odds for Pokemon Sleep?

As this article is being written, the exact Shiny odds in Pokemon Sleep are still unknown, although they seem to be higher than normal. Despite the game’s recent release, it seems that plenty of people were lucky enough to find a Shiny creature during their very first nights using the app.

The odds are definitely higher than the 1/4096 base chance from the mainline games, but we don’t have an exact number yet, and there isn’t enough data to estimate it either. Players have been comparing Sleep’s odds to Pokemon Go’s, which are approximately 1/500. This would make sense, considering that Niantic is also involved in the project alongside the main dev Select Button.

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For all that we know, the chances could be the same as Pokemon Go, if they’re not even better. Since we can only meet a handful of Pokemon each day, it’s more than reasonable for Sleep to feature higher Shiny odds than other games. 

While we cannot give the exact odds yet, we’ll be sure to update this article as soon as we have more info on the subject. But for now, you can check out how to find and catch Shiny Pokemon in this game, which might be easier than you imagined.

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