What Are Realm Cards in Nightingale? – Answered

Alter an entire realm with the draw of a card.

Nightingale Walking Tree
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Nightingale revolves around your ability to walk between the various Fae Realms, uncovering mysteries and surviving in any way imaginable, but you can also alter the world with cards. What are these Realm Cards in Nightingale?

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What Are Realm Cards in Nightingale?

A significant portion of Nightingale’s gameplay loop revolves around exploring the Fae Realms, magical worlds with unique flora and fauna. To keep this gameplay fresh, the studio introduced Realm Cards, a system combining procedural generation with handmade designs to unveil unique environments, creatures, points of interest, and seemingly objectives.

There are Realm Cards and Minor Realm Cards, with the latter changing the world you’re currently playing in when one is activated via the Realmic Transmuters. It’s unclear precisely how extensive this change will be, though. We know that Minor Realm Cards activate magical properties to transform the landscape around you.

The cards we’ve seen so far include The Desert, which perhaps, as its name would suggest, opens a desert-based Realm. And while we don’t have names for the other cards shown, they do feature a man with a stacked wagon, a bear, the moon, and a type of aquatic dragon.

How to Use Realm Cards in Nightingale

Each realm in the game requires a Realm Card to access. Once you activate one, you may step through the portal and into a new Fae Realm, where you’ll find magical ingredients, monsters, and points of interest to explore. By exploring a realm, you will unlock additional crafting recipes and unique Realm Cards. Allowing you to continue your adventures and progress through the game’s technology tree.
That said, the studio did reveal you will have a limited number of Realm Cards to choose from when selecting a Realm and activating a portal. But you will play a combination of cards at once, like a hand, and the combination will determine the overall appearance and danger levels within the realm.
Some change the world, some focus on the flora and fauna, and others change the weather. You might find a quiet, serene realm to place down a base and call home or wind up in a constantly escalating fight against hordes of ferocious creatures. It varies!

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