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What are Priority Schedules in BTS World?

by Prima Games Staff

In BTS World, there are various activities for you to assign and complete, including special Agency tasks known as Priority Schedules. Unlike standard Agency tasks which are always available to you, Priority Schedules are time-limited. 

Priority Schedules work similarly to regular Agency tasks in boosting Group Stats, though they offer larger Group Stat boosts and help raise your Affinity Levels. To elaborate further, we’ve put together a guide explaining what Priority Schedules are in BTS World and why you want to complete them!

What are Priority Schedules in BTS World?

As noted above, Priority Schedules are time-limited Agency tasks in BTS World. To view your Agency tasks, you’ll need to open the Agency tab either from the Main Lobby or by tapping the “+” icon from the BTS Story menu. 

Inside your Agency tab, you’ll find four different tasks that you can assign, with each task boosting a particular Group Stat such as Empathy or Stamina. Any member can be assigned to a single Agency task, but Priority Schedules differ in that all members need to be assigned to that task at once.

If one or more members are stuck working on another Agency task, you’ll need to finish those tasks before you can begin a Priority Schedule task. Keep in mind that Priority Schedules appear at random in your Agency tab. 

You’ll know you have a Priority Schedule task available as a timer will appear on one of the regular Agency tasks. This timer indicates the task is now offering a Priority Schedule. Despite the fact that it can be challenging to assign all 7 members to a Priority Schedule task, Priority Schedules offer major bonuses upon completion.

Unlike single Agency tasks that boost Group Stats, Priority Schedules offer larger Group Stat boosts as well as increases in Affinity Levels for each member. If you’re struggling to complete Agency tasks including Priority Schedules due to Member Condition, be sure to check out our guide on how to get and use Recuperation Items in BTS World!    


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