What Are Operator Kills in MW3? Explained

The word "Operator" is causing some confusion for players.

Image of a player getting an Operator kill in MW3.

If you booted up Call of Duty: MW3 and wondered how the heck to get Operator kills in the reimagined shooter, you’re not alone. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about Operator kills in MW3 and why you might not be getting any during a match.

How Operator Kills Work in MW3

One of the brand-new additions to this refreshed MW3 is daily challenges you can complete to unlock new equipment, weapons, cosmetics, and more from the Armory system. One could require you to make a specific number of kills with a rifle, while another involves using particular items under certain conditions. Operator kills are another type of daily challenge, but some players are getting confused about the “Operator” part and what that means.

It’s just a fancy word for saying players, so anytime you eliminate a real opponent in a match, you’ll accumulate an Operator kill toward your daily challenge in MW3.

The same is true in past titles like Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. AI or NPC eliminations shouldn’t count toward progressing the Operator daily.

Despite knowing this, MW3 does have a grave issue affecting challenges as of this article’s writing, which causes many dailies to glitch out and not work as intended. If this happens to you, restarting the game could resolve this issue.

Best Way to Get Operator Kills Fast in MW3

As for the best game modes to get Operator kills to finish the daily quickly, I’d recommend going into Headquarters, Domination, and War to wrack up player kills. In these modes, you’re likely to score eliminations – possibly back to back – and can finish the daily fast. 

Overall, the challenge isn’t difficult. It’s just a small time-sink activity for players to earn XP and contribute toward unlocking rewards in the Armory. 

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