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What are the Best Guns in Battlefield Hardline?

by Prima Games Staff

The debate about what the best gun is in any first-person shooter is a common one. Often it brings a great deal of passion out of gamers, and rarely will you find two people who agree. We knew that going into this topic, which is why we’ll present the best guns in Battlefield Hardline with a strong disclaimer that this is all relative to play style, map and even game mode. Simply put, the best gun in the game is the one that plays to your individual strengths, not the one with the best statistics. Although, statistics are a factor.

Below is a breakdown of our favorite weapons in the game, and why we believe they will suit your needs. Oh, and because we know that not everyone likes to play as a Professional, or may only ever play as a Mechanic, we broke them down by class.

The Operator – M416

Statistically speaking, the M416 might be the best gun in the Operator class, but it should be noted that if you want to use it as the Cops, you must get 1,250 kills with it while playing as a Criminal. This is what is required to complete the M416 License Assignment, a mandatory task for the weapon to be available to both factions, not just the Criminals.

The reason we believe it to be the best gun in the class comes down to balance. It holds a high rate of fire while also doing more damage, providing more range and being more accurate than the R0933 that is the default weapon of the class. Of course, since Battlefield Hardline doesn’t have a lot of long range combat, we’re high up on the rate of fire and would suggest using a suppressor in most situations.

The Mechanic – MP5K or MPX

We’re choosing two guns here, mostly because they are very comparable and each will appeal to different play styles, although the MPX is more difficult to unlock if you’re a Criminal. Once again, this is due to the MPX License Assignment, requiring 1,250 kills before Criminals can get their hands on it.

Us, we’re bigger fans of the MP5K, and would suggest it to gamers for any situation (close quarters) where an SMG would be ideal. Yes, the range is lower than the MPX, but the rate of fire is higher and all other statistics are the same. Slap a suppressor on it and you’ll find yourself winning up-close gun fights that you have no business living through.

The Enforcer – 870P Magnum or SCAR-H

This class is where things get a little sketchy, because quite frankly there are two completely different types of weapons. On the shotgun side, the 870 Magnum is available to both Cops and Criminals right off the bat, and has good range as well as damage output. Is it the best option out there? Well, again that depends on a few different factors, but it’s a really, really good option for players who don’t want to spend a lot of cash and are looking for something reliable.

The other category of weapons are the Battle Rifles, and the Scar-H is likely the best bet. Once again, it’s only available to the Cops, and for it to be used as a Criminal, the Scar-H License Assignment must be completed. This is again just 1,250 kills, or one solid week of Battlefield Hardline grinding. The Scar-H rate of fire is good for the class, and it has solid output in both how much damage it does, as well as the accuracy. Gamers should keep in mind, however, that they will lose gun battles against faster firing weapons in close quarters. If you plan to use the Scar-H, play a tactical game and try to take out your targets at medium range where their accuracy puts them at a disadvantage.

The Professional – R700 LTR

We’re expecting some hate on this one, but primarily because snipers are very, very passionate about their weapons. While we’re confident in our choice, just about anything with a damage output of 100 is going to do the trick here. Oh, and we’re also choosing only from the Bolt Action category, as the Semi-Auto weapons all do much less damage and will almost always require more than one bullet to drop their targets. That’s not to say they aren’t good and people can’t be incredible with them, just that for our purposes, the Bolt Action weapons are superior.

As for the R700 LTR, it’s pretty easy to get your hands on one if you’re a Cop, which you’ll know means that Criminals have to complete the R700 LTR License Assignment to get it. It’s worth it if you’re a dedicated sniper, but if you’re just picking up a sniper rifle when the mood suits you, the Scout Elite will probably do the trick. No point in wasting that cash when you could save up for the Wolf Mask and Dinosaur Mask in Battlefield Hardline.

If you would like to do some more investigating into what the best (statistical) weapons are in Battlefield Hardline, head to Battlelog and check the Loadout section, or surf on over to Symthic. The latter will be a great way to get up-to-date stats for all your favorite guns, as well as some really good in-depth analysis.

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