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What are Ancient Scrolls in Dark and Darker? – Answered

Rare's not always rad

by Patrick Souza
Dark and Darker DX11 and DX12

Dark and Darker’s secrets are faithful to its game’s name as we currently know very little about it. That’s not unexpected as the game’s still in its initial testing periods, and thus can be downloaded for free on Steam. But something that’s really unexpected is to find those Ancient Scrolls around the dungeons and fight for them.

They can be obtained either as loot from treasure chests, by defeating monsters, or even by taking them from corpses of unlucky and unprepared players that ran into your party. Too bad for them. But what are those scrolls and what is their actual purpose?

What do Ancient Scrolls Do in Dark and Darker? – Answered

Ancient Scrolls have no real uses in Dark and Darker’s current update. Once again, this is only a free testing period for the game, and many items, features, and such are not working as intended yet. The scroll’s name suggests that they’ll have an important function in the final game, but by now, they’re pretty much useless.

You can sell them for the Collector, but their values are just too low for it to be worth it, another indicator that they’re not implemented as junk intended to be sold. Currently, you’re better off just tossing it away to make space in your inventory, as you don’t wanna miss out on some really important equipment as you explore the dungeons.

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So if you run into some Ancient Scrolls in your adventure, don’t think of yourself as a lucky person. Much on the contrary. They’ll probably be valuable for some really good features, but that’s still a few months from being implemented into the actual game.

And that’s all you need to know about Ancient Scrolls in Dark and Darker for now. The Prima Games team will be sure to update this article as further updates are being added to the game and, eventually, the scrolls get a new function. 

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