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Weather Station Fortnite Location Guide: Forged in Slurp Challenge

by Ginny Woo

The Forged in Slurp challenges in Fortnite just don’t let up, and honestly, we’re fine with that. We’ve have been having way too much fun in Chapter 2 for us to want things to come to a head this quickly. One of the challenges this week is to dance your woes away at specific locations. Check out our Weather Station Fortnite location guide to tick this one off your list like a true disco diva. 

Weather Station Fortnite Location Guide: Forged in Slurp Challenge

Part of this week’s Forged in Slurp challenge, as we mentioned, is dancing. Yeah, dancing. You’re going to have to put on those tap shoes and head to some specific locations to actually get your boogie on. We’re talking the following iconic places on the map, some of which are easier to find than others:

  • Dancing by Compact Cars
  • Dancing at Lockie’s Lighthouse
  • Dancing at the Weather Station

We already have a guide out on where the Compact Cars can be located, so check that out for more specific directions. Otherwise, they’re on the east side of the map between Frenzy Farm and Dirty Docks. 

The location that you’re concerned with if you’ve clicked on this though, is the Weather Station. You’re going to be looking for something with a bunch of satellites, and it’s probably going to be pretty tall. Well, that’s just going off common sense, but it should be much more apparent from the jump when you’re scanning the horizon than the Compact Cars were for us.

Specifically, you want to be keeping south east of your map as you’re descending on the battlefield. You’ll be aiming for the tallest point of the map, which should give you a visual indicator of your chosen location. It’s one of a pair of snow-covered mountains, and you want the one that’s furthest south. From an aerial view, you’ll be able to see a metal structure basically cloaked in satellites, making it practically unmissable. Voila! Dance when you’ve landed by the structure and you’ll tick that location off your challenge list. 

Now that you’ve got the Weather Station Fortnite location nailed down, finishing the rest of the challenge should be a relative piece of cake considering that there aren’t extreme weather events constantly happening at the other two locations. Need a hand with anything else? We’ve also covered off the Mythic Fish and its related achievement

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