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How to Get Weapon Level 6 in Final Fantasy VII Remake

by Nicholas Barth

The world of the Final Fantasy VII Remake contains many weapons that players can acquire and use to defeat their enemies. Each weapon can have its level raised to the highest rank of 6, which will make it even more formidable against any enemy that dares to challenge you. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get your weapon to level 6 covered for you.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Weapon Level 6

Players can get their weapon to level 6 by acquiring skill points. These skill points allow players to progress the leveling of their weapons and help them become stronger. You can obtain skill points in a few different ways, which consist of reaching leveling up your character to 50 and collecting Manuscripts on both Normal and Hard difficulties. A total of 250 skill points are needed to get a weapon to level 6. 

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Weapon Level 6

A total of 246 skill points can be obtained during a playthrough on Normal Mode until you reach your leveling max of 50, so players will need to spend some time playing on the Hard difficulty to get enough skill points to finish leveling their weapons. 

Leveling up your weapons allows them to utilize more abilities and material, which will make them extremely powerful and help the character they belong to be a much stronger fighter for any battles you come across in your adventures. We suggest picking your favorite or most effective weapon for each character to get to level 6 to maximize the benefits you will receive. 

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