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Watch Dogs – Shell Game Tips

by Bryan Dawson

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There are a plethora of mini-games in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out our Cash Run tips and the other mini-game tips articles we have coming for you over the next few days. One of the best mini-games to earn money is the Shell Game. It’s your basic cup and ball game where the player must figure out which cup is hiding the ball once the dealer shuffles them around.

The easiest way to determine which cup the ball is hiding under is to simply pause the game once the dealer completes his movements. With the game paused, you can see the outline of the ball under the cup. Think of it like x-ray vision and you’ll understand how it works. Of course, this could be considered cheating by some, and you may want a more “legit” way to figure out which cup the ball is hiding under.

Another way that isn’t quite as easy as pausing the game, but may make you feel as though you earned your victory, is to use Focus. You get Focus fairly early in the game, and you can upgrade it using skill points as you level up your character. Using Focus slows down the movements of the dealer, making it easier to determine where the ball is hiding.

A few key things to remember: you can’t just keep an eye on the cups as they move. At first this may seem to work well, but once you move beyond level two or three, that won’t be enough to make an accurate guess every single time. You must realize that the dealer shifts the ball from cup to cup almost every time two cups touch. As the level of the game increases, so do the number of times the cups touch.

The point in time when the cups touch is when you want to use Focus. It’s at this point where you need to keep a close eye on the bottom of the cups to really determine where the ball is moving. Of course, if worse comes to worse, you can just pause the game before making your guess to see if you would’ve guessed correctly.

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