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Wasteland 3: Should You Let the Prisoner Go?

by Morgan Shaver

In Wasteland 3, you’ll encounter a man locked up in Colorado Springs in the Ranger HQ known only as The Prisoner.

The game presents you with the option of setting The Prisoner free or keeping him locked away forever. Wondering if letting The Prisoner go is the right choice? Here’s what you need to know! 

Wasteland 3: Should You Let the Prisoner Go?

The Prisoner is a mysterious man you encounter in Wasteland 3. You can speak with the man, but speaking to him won’t help much when it comes to deciding whether you should help him out and let him go or keep him locked up.

The Prisoner seems to be unable to remember when he was imprisoned, why he was imprisoned, or the events that transpired before he became imprisoned. Essentially, he plays the amnesia card in regards to his background.

From your interactions, he doesn’t seem particularly trustworthy. Of course, there are feelings of empathy that can pop up if you think about the possibility of him being imprisoned as an act of revenge, or as the result of a misunderstanding. 

Should you set aside your doubts and set him free? Should you ignore him and let him suffer alone in his cell? Should you kill him? Starting with the option of letting The Prisoner go, you’ll need to have the Brig Master’s Key or Lockpicking 5. 

If you’re able to and choose to let The Prisoner go, the only real consequence is you’ll discover a dead body later on in the game.

It seems like The Prisoner is responsible for this, and given how little you know about The Prisoner and the dead body that you find, it’s hard to tell whether or not you’ve made a mistake by letting him out. It certainly seems like it though.

If you keep The Prisoner locked up, he seems to imply that you’ve made the same choice as everyone else before you. Everyone else thought it’d be better to keep him locked up, which implies this is the correct choice. 

It feels somewhat harsh though with the thought of “letting nature take its course” which implies he’ll slowly rot away and die in his cell. You’re given the option to outright kill The Prisoner, but this seems a bit extreme.

Ultimately it’s your call.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that setting The Prisoner free seems to result in someone being killed, while keeping The Prisoner locked up has no direct consequences other than the knowledge that he’ll slowly die in his cell.

You can choose to kill The Prisoner, but that removes the option to change your mind and set him free later so think carefully before making a decision.

Hopefully that insight helps you figure out whether or not you should let The Prisoner go in Wasteland 3, keep him locked up, or kill him. 

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