Warzone 2.0 ‘Connection Failed’ Error at Game Start Explained

Have you tried turning it off and then on again.

Online games are often riddled with server errors, game connectivity issues, and other weird bugs. Despite the developer’s best efforts, it can be difficult to be prepared for a massive influx of players at any given time. So if you’re playing Warzone 2.0 right now, and are reading this guide, chances are something happened. Here’s an explanation for the Warzone 2.0 “Connection Failed” error at the game start.

Warzone 2.0 ‘Connection Failed’ Error at Game Start Explained

If you’re receiving the “Connection Failed” error when starting up Warzone 2.0, the explanation is that the internet connection between your device and the game’s servers failed somewhere along the line.

This often happens around launch day or significant new content drops. When giant waves of players hit the Warzone 2.0 servers, it can often slow everything down and even crash the servers entirely. However, checking what you can do on your end is essential to rule out other possibilities.

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Can You Fix It?

It’s possible to fix this problem on your own, but keep in mind that if Activision’s servers are down or not responsive, nothing will change, no matter what you do on your end. If you don’t see anyone talking about these problems or the official support Twitter account has not mentioned issues, you should start checking your internet.

First off, make sure your game is up to date. You can do this on a console by hitting start on the application and clicking the “Check for updates” button. If no updates are needed, try closing and relaunching the game.

On PC, make sure your Nvidia drivers are all up to date. You can do this through the GeForce Experience application.

If these are all working, next is to reset your router and check your home internet with a speed test.

If this does not work, the last thing you can do is try using a hardwired connection, if you aren’t already using one. This will give you the most stable connection.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the Connection Failed error at the game start in Warzone 2. We have other guides for you to check out. Here’s if you can play Warzone 2.0 solo.

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