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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – All Grimoire Locations

by Josh Hawkins

One of the main goals for players in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is to amass new gear. This is one of the primary forms of progression in the game, and one of the best ways to do this is to collect Grimoire throughout the various missions that players set out upon. In Vermintide 2, finding Grimoire in each mission will give you additional loot score at the end and allow you to get better chests and boxes during Renald’s Gift. These items can be tough to find, which is why we’ve put together this easy-to-follow article that will show you the location of every Grimoire book in Vermintide 2.

Before we dive right in, though, we want to set a few things straight about Grimoire. First, these items lower your overall health amount when they are picked up. This means that things will get much more challenging once you have picked it up, so be aware of that. Also, once a Grimoire is picked up and is on your person, you cannot drop it. If you do pick up an item that takes up that fourth slot, then you will lose the Grimoire until you replay the level and grab it again. Keep these things in mind as you dive into the guide below.

All Grimoire in Righteous Stand

Grimoire #1

The first Grimoire in Righteous Stand can be found when you enter the barracks. Looked for a turned over bed, and then use it to hop onto some crated. You should then be able to hop across the path to reach another stack of boxes. From here, look to your right and you should see this Grimoire near the ceiling.

Grimoire #2

The last Grimoire in this level can be found after you leave the final castle on the wall. Immediately after exiting, look to your right and you should see a series of wooden posts sticking out of the wall. You’ll need to complete this jumping puzzle to get across the area and enter the window on the other side. Once in this room, look for a lever on the opposite side of the room and then activate it to lower a ladder just outside.

From here, jump over to the ladder and climb up it to reach a platform where you will find this Grimoire in a wooden crate.

All Grimoire in Convocation of Decay

Grimoire #1

The first Grimoire in this mission can be found in the Northern Maintenance Shaft. While opening the doors using the three switches, open the door on the left at the bottom of the stairs. To do this, make sure you press the wrong button in the order, and it should open.

When the door is open, head through it and down the hall to find a back room where a brick that you can interact with at the top of the bookshelf. You’ll need to jump on some things nearby to reach it. Interact with it and another door should open just outside of the back room. Head out and into the new room to find the Grimoire inside of a hole in the wall.

Grimoire #2

The second Grimoire can be found after you drop into the Old City Cesspit. Look nearby for a set of keys that you can pick up. They won’t be marked for anything, so you’ll need to search around. There are three possible spawns for the keys:

The keys can spawn by the corpse near a pillar on the right-hand side of the area (when you are looking at the exit).

You can also find the keys in the far back of the area, inside of a crate.

Finally, the third place that you can find the keys is near a corpse on the left-hand side when you are looking at the exit.

Once you have the keys, you’ll leave the Old City Cesspit and come to a room with two beams running across the area. Move to the back corner of the room and jump up the rocks to reach the top, which will give you access to the beams. Jump onto the beams and then follow them to the opposite side of the room and into some additional corridors.

At the end of the corridors you should find a chest that is wrapped up in chains. Use the keys that you found in the Old City Cesspit to unlock it and then grab the Grimoire inside.

All Grimoire in Hunger in the Dark

Grimoire #1

Once you find the cart and are tasked with escorting it, you’ll have to fill it up with black powder. There are a total of four barrels in the area, but you’ll only have to collect a total of three of them. In order to get this Grimoire, you’ll need to grab the fourth barrel and bring it with you.

After you lose sight of the cart for the first time, move forward until you reach the area where the rails turn off the left. From here turn to the right and move down the corridor. Once you reach the end of the path, you should get a prompt to place the barrel down against the wall. Do this and then blow up the wall to gain access to a ladder that will lead you to a small area where you can find this Grimoire sitting in a crate with several markings on it.

Grimoire #2

Continue through the mission until the cart barrels through a set of doors and off a cliff to your right. From here turn to the left and enter the Charnel Hollow and look out for a small hole on the wall to your right. Jump up and crouch to move through the hole, then climb up the ladder inside.

Once you reach the top of the ladder, look over to the right and then jump up the rocks along the wall to reach a new ledge where you should see an ammo box. From here scan the wall to your right for a small hall that holds this Grimoire.

All Grimoire in Halescourge

Grimoire #1

The first Grimoire for Halescourge can be found after the buildings start to slide off of the cliff and out of sight. Look down the side of the cliff and you should see a building that’s mostly upright still. Drop down to it and look for the Grimoire here.

Drop down to the building and then turn around to look inside. You should see a bookshelf with this Grimoire inside.

Grimoire #2

The final Grimoire can be found in the entryway that leads to Stoltzhammer Weg. Look for a building on the left with a raised ladder. If you shoot the Feculent Bubo at the top of the ladder it will release the ladder, allowing you to climb up and grab the Grimoire.

All Grimoire in Athel Yenlui

Grimoire #1

You can find the first Grimoire for Athel Yenlui by heading left from the start of the Wilds. Follow the wall along until you find a short, steep rockface that you can climb up. The Grimoire that you’re seeking can be found at the top of the cliff near the base of a tree. You can use the tag option by pressing T to make it easier to locate.

Grimoire #2

In order to get this Grimoire you will need to find three ‘suspicious bricks’ and interact with each of them. This will open up a secret chamber where you’ll find this Grimoire inside. We’ve detailed the locations of each brick below.

Brick one can be found by heading up the wall that you pass through when continuing through the ruins. Look for a way up and then look on the left side for this brick (it should glow when you get close).

From the first brick, you’ll need to reach the second elevated path and then look for a supply crate with this brick hidden behind it.

Finally, the third brick can be found by heading up the stairs on the opposite side of the area to reach a third area. This brick can then be located by looking for it in the back corner, behind some brush.

Look for the chamber that was opened near the third brick and head inside to get the Grimoire.

All Grimoire in Screaming Bell

Grimoire #1

This first Grimoire in Screaming Bell can be found as soon as you reach Milizengrube. Look for a wagon on then head down the path beside it to find a small jumping puzzle. The puzzle will ten lead you up a series of small jumps that place you above the wagon and across the street. Jump across to a hanging platform, and then continue through the archway at the end of the puzzle to find this Grimoire in a crate.

Grimoire #2

When above the market, climb the ladder on the side of a wagon next to the statue in the center of the area to reach the top. From here jump across to the other side of the statue—there is a platform that you want to jump to—and then drop down through a small hole to make your way underneath the statue. This should put you in a small area with a lever and a chest. Grab the Grimoire out of the chest and then pull the lever to open the way back up to the market.

All Grimoire in Fort Bracshenbrucke

Grimoire #1

You can find this Grimoire as you walk along the River Eile, just before you reach Barsch Ford. Keep to your left and then look for a path hidden behind some trees here. Follow the path and then jump along some rocks to reach a platform—there will usually be some kind of medical item here—and then look to your left and jump to the next rock. From here you need to drop down and follow the path until it leads you to an open stone tomb with this Grimoire inside.

Grimoire #2

Once you come to the Old Fort Armory, look for a small lift with several barrels on it inside of a shaft in the center of the main room. If you look behind the barrels on the right side of the lift you will find a lever that you can interact with. Activate it to lift the platform, revealing a crate at the bottom. Look inside the crate to find this Grimoire.

All Grimoire in Into the Nest

Grimoire #1

Before climbing down the stairs that lead into Duraz Stromez, look for a bit of scaffolding that you can climb up onto. Now, follow this scaffolding over to the left and head towards a room in the back of the area. You should find a crate in this room that holds the Grimoire. Grab it then head back the way you came to get out.

Grimoire #2

Continue until you come to the area where you need to pull a lever to extend a bridge. Pull the lever and then return to the start of the Kuchunkuchung area, where you should find a ladder that now leads you down into a shaft that you can explore to find a chest with this Grimoire.

All Grimoire in Against the Grain

Grimoire #1

The first Grimoire in Against the Grain can be found once you reach the second settlement area, it looks similar to an orchard. Head up the road and enter the building on the right-hand side of the road. Inside you should find an explosive barrel.

Grab the barrel and then head into the basement and look for a small section of wall in the back corner. Use the barrel here to blow a hole in the wall. Move through the broken wall, climb up the ladder inside, and then the Grimoire should be on the left, resting on top of a barrel on the porch outside.

Grimoire #2

Once you reach the area with the barn—where you have to find the key to continue—enter the courtyard in front of the barn and turn to your left. You should see a ladder that leads up onto a platform you can climb onto.

Climb up onto the platform and then use the ladder to your right to climb up the building and then jump over to the construction on the center tower. Follow these platforms around to reach the back, where you’ll find this second Grimoire waiting to be collected.

All Grimoire in Empire in Flames

Grimoire #1

Before you head up the stairs that lead to the von Finkelmann Residence, look for a three-story building off to the right and then head through the front door. If you look through a window off to the side you should see an explosive barrel. Step back a bit and then take aim at the barrel and shoot it to blow open a hole in the wall, giving you access to the Grimoire on the other side.

Grimoire #2

Just before you reach the area where you need to collect explosive barrels, look for a two-story house off to the side. From here, head to the back of the house to find a series of carts and crates that you can jump up to gain access to a lamp pot. Jump to the lamp post, and then turn to the left and jump up to grab this Grimoire.

All Grimoire in Festering Ground

Grimoire #1

While exploring Whispering Grotto, look out for a set of keys on a skeleton that is slumped over at the base of wooden pillar in the center of the cave. Once you have the keys, head through the cave until you drop into Burghauer Balcony. Once you reach the bottom of the drop, just before the River Schilder, and look out for a small opening on your right. Peer over the edge through the opening and you should see a chest with chains around it. Open the chest using the keys and grab the Grimoire inside.

Grimoire #2

Once you reach the Guard Outpost, head into the small tunnel at the end of the long ramp and then drop down onto a small ledge just at the end of the ramp. Make sure you drop—if you jump you’ll miss the ledge. Once you reach the ramp, turn to your left and then fall towards the tunnel while in mid-air. This will lead you to a corridor that will continue into a cave where you will find this Grimoire in a crate in the swampy water.

All Grimoire in The War Camp

Grimoire #1

Once you reach Froschdorf, look for the first building on your right and then head into the house and complete the short jump puzzle inside. This will lead you through a collapsed part of the roof, leaving you on a beam. From here jump into the house and fall through a hole in the back area of the room to the very bottom floor. This is where you’ll find the Grimoire. Once you have it, unlock the door in the room to leave the building.

Grimoire #2

The final Grimoire in this mission can be found right after the drop that leads you down to the Blot Tree. Look closely at the rocks to find a hole with a candle inside. Light the candle.

Now you need to find the next candle. From the first one, head to the right until you find a flesh tent. There’s another candle here for you to light.

Finally, the third candle can be found from heading left at the first candle and follow the wall until you pass the end of the wooden walkway. You’ll need to face back the opposite way to spot the final candle.

When all three candles are lit, you’ll find the Grimoire on top of a platform in the swamp. Find the center of the area between the three candles to grab it.

All Grimoire in Skittergate

Grimoire #1

After you take the lift that leads down to Under-Halgart, turn and look for the Grimoire on top of the collapsed building that you spot immediately after the lift ride.

The best way to reach this Grimoire is to jump onto a piece of the broken wall and then jump up from underneath to grab it.

Grimoire #2

Just a short bit after you find the first Grimoire, look for the second Grimoire at the bottom of a sloped pathway, right before you drop into The Skittergate. Once you’re at the drop, look up and to your left to find a crate sitting on the platform. The Grimoire is in this crate. Shoot the pulley that holds the platform up to cause the crate to drop, allowing you to get the Grimoire.

That’s all of the Grimoire that the base Vermintide 2 campaign has hidden throughout it. We’ll be sure to update the guide with new Grimoire locations as new content hits the game. Also, head over to our Vermintide 2 guide for more helpful information and articles.


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