Warframe: How to Get to the Abyssal Zone

Surprisingly not at the bottom of an abyss.

Dagath and her Spectral Horses in Warframe
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There are quite a few new things to find in Warframe’s new Abyss of Dagath update, each with its own use in one way or another. Grendel Prime has made his debut, for example, letting the lovers of everyone’s favorite big boy roll around to their golden heart’s content. The other new frame of the update is Dagath, though how you get her has a lot of confusion to worry about. Here’s how to get to the Abyssal Zone in Warframe.

Where to Find the Abyssal Zone in Warframe

The Abyssal Zone in Warframe appears as a mission node on the left side of Ceres. However, this node won’t appear unless you have an Abyssal Beacon. To get an Abyssal Beacon, you’ll need to interact with the Syndicate kiosk on the left of your Orbiter’s cockpit and choose the Syndicate that you have the most standing with. From here, make sure you’re at least Rank 2 with that Syndicate, then select View Offerings and purchase an Abyssal Beacon for 5,000 Standing. Once you have at least one, the node should appear.

What is the Abyssal Zone?

The Abyssal Zone node is mostly your average Exterminate mission. Your main goal is to get in, kill the required amount of enemies, and then get out through an extraction point. The twist is the map has new Defixios scattered around, which you’ll need to grab. These can be found either by exploring yourself or by interacting with scared Tenno operatives located in various places around the map. Once you complete the Abyssal Zone, you’ll get mostly normal loot alongside a handful of the new Vainthorn material. You’ll get more if you complete the node on Steel Path mode.

These Vainthorns can then be spent at the new Dagath’s Hollow Clan Dojo room, through the Shrine of Dagath located within. You need some Vainthorns to purchase the blueprints, alongside plenty more to craft each individual part. Needless to say, this is a mission you’ll be grinding for a while. Be sure you know how to farm Standing.

If you’re looking into whether grinding this all is worth it, check out our guide on all Dagath abilities in Warframe.

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