Warframe: How to Get the Gladiator Might Mod

All the might of a single mod.

Warframe Gauss Prime Accessories Pack
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Getting the right mods in Warframe is important to your future success, especially mods that tend to be more difficult to get. Here’s how to get the Gladiator Might mod in Warframe.

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Where to Get Gladiator Might in Warframe

Warframe Gladiator Might
Image via Prima Games.

The Gladiator Might mod in Warframe can be found exclusively in the Level 20-40 rotating Plains of Eidolon Bounty, found as a possible reward from stages 2, 3, and the final stage. For Stage 2 and Stage 3, there is a 9.3% chance for the mod to drop. Otherwise, there’s a much higher 23.53% chance for the mod to drop from the final stage. Be sure to check the bounty rewards before heading in, as it’s possible that the mod isn’t currently in rotation. Either way, with any luck and some grinding, the Gladiator Might mod will be yours.

What Does the Gladiator Might Mod Do?

At max rank, the Gladiator Might mod will provide your melee weapon with 60% increased Critical Damage. This alone is pretty good, but it becomes even better with the Set Bonus mod it has. For every Gladiator mod you have equipped on your melee weapon (up to the maximum of six), you’ll gain 10% increased Critical Hit Chance per Combo Multiplier currently active with your melee weapon. You likely don’t want to run all six mods on your melee weapon, but it’s there if you want a nice boost.

As for which melee weapons can use Gladiator Might, weapons like the Reaper Prime, Syam, and Sepfahn can all make excellent use of Gladiator Might. This is because they are innately good for Crit builds, such is the case with my Reaper Prime build, where Gladiator Might is a staple.

If you’re looking for help snagging some additional mods, check out our guide on how to get the Energy Nexus mod in Warframe.

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