Warframe: How to Get the Critical Delay Mod

Pretty great mod despite the name.

Warframe Gauss Prime Accessories Pack
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If you want your gear in Warframe to be as strong as possible, you will need some solid mods that complement said gear. Here’s how to get the Critical Delay mod in Warframe.

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Where to Find the Critical Delay Mod in Warframe

Warframe Dragon Key Door
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The Critical Delay mod can be found as a possible drop from Orokin Derelict Vaults. These are vaults hidden behind Dragon Key doors, found exclusively on any Deimos node excluding the Cambion Drift, Magnacidium, Exequias, and Hyf. While I won’t bore you with a song and dance about getting into these vaults, you’ll need to get a set of Dragon Keys and ensure you have the right one in your gear wheel, then find and open a Derelict Vault.

While the chance of a mod drop is guaranteed, the Critical Delay mod has a 4.17% chance of being dropped. With any luck, it’ll be yours.

What Does the Critical Delay Mod Do?

Warframe Critical Delay Mod
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Once you have the mod at its max rank of 5, the Critical Delay mod will provide 200% Critical Chance to the rifle you equip the mod to, but in turn, will lower the fire rate of that weapon by 20%. That fire rate reduction is doubled when this mod is applied to a bow. This sadly can’t be stacked with the mod Point Strike, which gives 150% Critical Chance when applied to a rifle. However, it’s a worthy alternative because the fire rate reduction is not applied.

As for which weapons should get the Critical Delay mod, bows are ironically a great choice if you choose to add Multishot through something like Galvanized Chamber. Snipers like the Rubico Prime are also formidable choices, thanks to their fire rate mostly being a non-issue.

If you’re looking for help snagging some other mods, check out our guide on how to get Heavy Caliber in Warframe.

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