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Warframe Gas Damage Guide

by Ginny Woo

After Rising Tide kicked off, there’s been a swarm of returning Tennos to Warframe‘s infrastructure, and there’s definitely a whole lot to catch up on. In-between building battleships, let’s take it back to some weapon basics for those who are so inclined. Here’s a guide on Warframe Gas damage and how to use it to your advantage. 

Warframe Gas Damage Guide

Gas damage, like any other damage type in the game, will have specific challenges associated with it where you’ll be required to take down enemies by turning it to your advantage. Some weapons in the game will already be capable of Gas damage, including Telos Boltor and Cyanex to name a few. 

Gas damage as a secondary damage type will spew out a Toxin cloud that will damage all enemies within range of your target, and it’s highly effective as a damage type against Infested and Infested Flesh. Toxin damage mods will directly affect the Gas damage that you do, so keep that in mind when you’re trying to cook up something explosive. 

If you aren’t the proud owner of any weapons that do Gas damage, you can still mod whatever you have lying around to make up for that. It’s as simple as combining a Heat and Toxin mod together and prioritizing them in terms of the other elemental mods you might be using so that your weapon gains the ability to do Gas damage. You can make this one step easier if you’re already in possession of weapons that do one of the two elemental damage types i.e. if you already own weapons that do Heat damage, adding a Toxin mod should sort you right out without any further ado. 

Now that you’ve got our refresher on how Warframe Gas damage works and how to make sure that you add it to your current bag of deadly tricks, why not check out some other stuff that we’ve written as we catch ourselves up to the current meta and wave of content?

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