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This War of Mine – Top 10 Tips to Survive One Month

by Prima Games Staff

This War of Mine is all about survival, and as we discussed in our previous tips article, that often means making some pretty tough moral decisions. Other decisions, however, are more straight forward, which is why instead of focusing on some of the general concepts, we thought we’d focus our attention on a few specific tips that can go a long way to ensuring your group survives one entire month. Of course, there’s no guarantee that things won’t go horribly wrong still, but we assure you that these can’t hurt.

10. Craft an Axe

You’ll start off with a work bench, but gathering the correct supplies will allow you to build another one that specializes in various tools and basic weapons. One of these tools, the axe, is of vital importance to your group. An axe will allow you to chop up otherwise useless cabinets around your personal dwelling, resulting in a great deal of extra wood. Having it available in your home will mean additional space in your backpack for other, more vital items while out scavenging.

9. Take Inventory

We tend to spend an awful lot of time taking notes about what we should be building for our shelter, as well as what supplies are needed to complete those items. By knowing exactly what we need — let’s say four pieces of wood and eight components — we are able to ensure these items end up in our backpack while out scavenging. If you’re not sure what you need to build that extra heater, you might end up wasting space in your bag that could be used for medicine, food and even weapons.

8. Board the Place Up

One of the best moves we ever made was to board up our shelter as quickly as possible. Doing so will minimize the amount of bandits that get in, which can save on the amount of supplies that are stolen from you during the night. Less bandits also means less members of your party who end up wounded, and less ammunition that is expended fighting them off. You can even make this process easier by taking our advice in the first tip of this article.

7. The Quiet House

A quick look at your neighborhood before you head out on a scavenging run will show all the locations that you can visit. One of our favorites — when it shows up — is the Quiet House, only occupied by an older couple that will not hurt you. You can hurt them, and doing so will sometimes give you loot that you can trade later on, even if it is somewhat heartless. In the early days of the survival, we found that this house had a good mix of food, medical supplies and even general materials.

6. Two Rodent Traps

You may not want to think about eating rat meat, but trust us when we tell you that it’s your best bet for sustainable food. One rodent trap will give you about two rats every two or so days, which means that two people can survive on this alone, although not well. Two rat traps, on the other hand, will mean that two people can eat well, three people not so bad, and four people can squeak by. The beauty of the rodent trap is that you can use fertilizer as bait, which is fairly easy to come by.

5. Alcohol and Cigarettes

Your people will often complain when there is a shortage of these goods, but they are far better for trading than they are for drinking and smoking. In fact, we set up a moonshine rig in our home, and tried to pump out at least one bottle a day. This meant that when our trader friend showed up at the door every so often we had goods that we didn’t need, but that he found valuable. You’ll never be so happy to own a bottle of moonshine as when you need to buy a can of food.

4. Build Two Heaters

If you spawn in the middle of winter, you have our condolences. Sure, the game starts you off with one heater, but it’s not enough to keep the place sufficiently warm, and you’re almost certainly going to be dealing with illness right from the get-go. If that’s the case, highly consider building at least one more heater, but possibly two. Yes you’ll need a lot of fuel — wood, books, components — to keep them running, but once again our first tip should come in handy.

3. Winter Water

In the summer time you’re going to have to make water the hard way, which means building at least one rainwater catcher, but more than likely two. In the winter, however, you can melt snow to get water, and we would advise spending at least two hours on this per day, stocking up for your food and moonshine needs, as well as hoarding some until the warmer weather. We got into the habit of having whoever just returned from scavenging step outside to complete this daily chore.

 2. Cook Your Food

Aside from the obvious benefit of cooked food over the raw stuff, heating it up will actually save it from being stolen by bandits. We found this out by accident, having left some cooked food on the stove, then realizing after we’d be raided that it remained untouched. This trend continued through several more raids, which got us into the habit of cooking as much of our raw meat as possible, even if we weren’t quite ready to chow down.

1. Go Visit a Doctor

It took us until our third play through to do a thorough visit of the hospital, but once we did we found that there is a doctor roaming around, and as long as you don’t get caught stealing the soldiers won’t mess with you. This will come in extremely handy during the winter months when people are sick, or if they are wounded while out scavenging. Just have the less than healthy person visit the doctor, keeping in mind that if you cause trouble — or have in the past — they will remember, and possibly kill you.

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