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Volundr Forge Drones Destiny 2 Location Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’re still trying your luck with the Mysterious Box quest in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, then we don’t blame you. We’re a team of completionists here at Prima, so all we can really offer is solidarity and some advice. Kicking around the forges and wanting to activate a Maximum Temper forge is just part and parcel of this particularly onerous quest chain, so check out our guide to the Volundr Forge Drones Destiny 2 location for some assistance.

Volundr Forge Drones Destiny 2 Location Guide

As mentioned, the Mysterious Box quests are going to require you to take out drones in the various forges. Shooting down drones that spawn at specific places in the Forges will grant you a Maximum Temper buff, and in the example of the Volundr forge, you’re going to have to complete that forge with said buff on to get the Volundr key.

We’ve got the lowdown on the locations of the Volundr forge drones for you, and they’re actually pretty simple to find. The Volundr forge drones will actually pop up pretty quickly as soon as you start the second encounter. Keep an eye on the caves that you’re going to traverse – you can find the first drone kicking around some stalactites. You’ll also be able to find the other drone that you need by keeping an eye on the far treeline – it’s hovering around some conifers, and we would recommend sniping it. Once you’ve taken down those Volundr Forge Drones, you’re going to get the Maximum Temper buff that you need to get the Volundr key once you’ve cleared the whole map. 

Now that you know the location of the Volundr Forge Drones in Destiny 2, it should be easy enough for you to knock out this component of the Mysterious Box questline and to move on to the other forges at your leisure. Need a hand with anything else in Destiny 2? Check out some of the other guides that we’ve put together to make your time as a Guardian easier:

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