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Video Game Tip of the Day – How to Get More Coins in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

by Prima Games Staff

While 2014 is only a couple months old, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is the surprise hit game of the year. EA and PopCap’s third-person shooter is easy to get into and surprisingly rewarding, as both plant and zombie teams battle across a variety of smartly-designed maps. Multiplayer lobbies are always full, and there’s a ton of action in each match.

With this in mind, you’ll want to earn as many PvZ Coins as possible. The more you have, the easier it’ll be to afford the most expensive Sticker Packs in the game, like the Spectacular and Supremium Packs. How do you earn more PvZ Coins? Here are some tips.

Get Involved: Every player earns a set number of coins for participating in a multiplayer match, but you stand to earn a lot more by putting your character into the thick of combat. Revive teammates, kill enemies, complete challenges and heal characters if you chose the Sunflower or Zombie Scientist. Garden Warfare rewards you for doing any one of these things and more. 

Play Gardens and Graveyards: Although we love Team Vanquish, it’s tough to earn lots of PvZ Coins because matches end at 50 kills. Instead, try your luck with Gardens and Graveyards. The longer a match goes, the more opportunities you’ll have for maximum coinage. Providing the game goes the distance, you stand to pocket at least 5,000 coins depending on your success.

Play Garden Ops: Similar to Gardens and Graveyards, this tower defense-style mode lets you play solo or invite friends. The longer you protect the garden, the more coins you’ll receive. Don’t forget to use Spawnable Plants if you have them.

Do you have another surefire way to earn PvZ Coins in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare? Let us know!

Now find out how to revive your fellow plants or zombies.

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