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Video Game Tip of the Day- How to Beat the Thief-Taker General in Thief

by Prima Games Staff

Thief is one of the biggest games of the week, and it won’t be long before players reach the end. In Chapter 7, they’ll run into one of the bosses, the Thief-Taker General. Don’t let him push you around. Here’s the best way to put this loser in his place.

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When the cut scene ends, take cover behind the nearest pillar. For an easy win, equip your Blast Arrows and swoop to your right (counterclockwise). Take cover behind another pillar and hit the Thief-Taker General with a Blast Arrow. Go for body shots to ensure you don’t miss. Move to another pillar and take another shot. You can also opt to hit him with a Choke Arrow, briefly stunning him so you get a couple clear shots in. Soon, the Thief-Taker General will drop to one knee, signaling that the battle is over. 

You can choose to loot or finish him off. The choice is yours. Either way, snag the Serendi Stone Circles (7/7) – Amber Circle from his body. Make sure you loot the entire room before cranking the two valves to open the gate. Exit through the gate to complete the chapter. 

By completing this chapter, players will unlock The Hidden City trophy or achievement, depending on what platform you play the game on.

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