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Video Game Tip of the Day – How to Beat the Pursuer in Dark Souls 2

by Prima Games Staff

If we could only share one piece of advice for Dark Souls 2, it would be the following: don’t be greedy. Avoid rushing into battles thinking you can simply hack your way to victory. Namco Bandai’s latest forces you to carefully pick and choose your spots, especially against bosses. Wait for the boss to attack, dodge and get in one or two hits before going back on defense. You get into trouble when you continously mash the attack button. 

Today, we’ll tell you how to beat the Pursuer, one of the earliest bosses in the game. You’ll encounter this creature soon after defeating The Last Giant. In fact, tackling the Pursuer lets you bypass Heide’s Tower of Flame and No-Man’s Wharf, going straight to the Lost Bastille. Of course, hardcore players should take the much tougher route that leads through those two locations.

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Boss Fight Rewards: Soul of the Pursuer and the Ring of Blades.

Unlike other boss fights in Dark Souls 2, the best tactic to use against the Pursuer is to avoid him at all costs. Wait until he preps his shield and dashes towards your character, then dodge to the right and counter with one or two attacks depending on your weapon speed. Only counter attack after the dash attack, after the Pursuer goes for a full three hit combo or his deadly glowing blue stab. 

You’ll evade these attacks by moving away from the Pursuer, but if you’re too close to move away, dodge the first two attacks of the three hit combo, then move behind the Pursuer to avoid the third attack. To avoid the glowing blue stab, dodge to the right or left just before he strikes. 

This battle is longer than other boss fights because there are few opportunities to attack and heal. If you attack recklessly, the Pursuer will take advantage. Have patience and limit your offense to attack after a three hit combo, the glowing blue stab or the dash attack. There is a crossbow in the corner of the room, but unless you stand next to it with the Pursuer at a relatively safe distance away, leave it alone.

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