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Vex Transformers Destiny 2 Location Guide – An Impossible Task

by Ginny Woo

We’ve already given you some information about how to crack into the An Impossible Task quest in Destiny 2 which would allow you to ensure that you can help Osiris’ timeline-jumping enterprise get back up and running again. You’ll have to be gunning through this decently long questline to do so, and one part is going to involve you collecting some loot off the Vex. Here’s our Vex Transformers Destiny 2 location guide where we’ll list off where all of them are. 

Vex Transformers Destiny 2 Location Guide – An Impossible Task

You’re going to have to head to three separate locations if you’re wanting to get your Vex Transformers. Even though the Vex Offensive has kicked itself off, the fallout continues to ripple throughout the galaxy so here we are. You’ll be wanting to go to Io, Mercury, and Nessus to pick up all 15 that you’ll need. There will be markers on your map from the game indicating where they’re going to be, 

Vex Transformers Destiny 2 Location Guide – Io

  • Go to the Circle of Bones Lost Sector and enter it. Keep on course until you come to the apex of the sector and climb up a rock. Now head left and you’ll see a nearby tunnel holding this Transformer.
  • Keep on track to rendezvous with Asher Mir at The Rupture, then look southwest for the Vex Transformer marker.Dig around the area where it is and watch for The Pyramidion – there’s a structure protruding downwards from it which shelters a Transformer behind it.
  • Go to Giant’s Scar and make for the excavation site. You’ll know you’re on the right path if you have Taken mobs obscuring your path on the way to the map marker. Keep your eyes peeled for a door that’s barred by rubble, and you’ll see the Transformer.
  • The Lost Oasis marker on your map indicates the easiest Transformer to find. It’s between the boughs of a giant tree that you absolutely can’t miss.
  • Go inside Terrabase Charon but don’t go any deeper than the first door in here. You’ll notice that the Transformer is kicking around above your head. 

Vex Transformers Destiny 2 Location Guide – Mercury

  • Peek behind the Lighthouse for the Transformer that you’re looking for – you’ll have to scale the back and you’ll find an Elite Cabal Colossus here as well. 
  • If you’re moving south from the Lighthouse, keep scanning the horizon to the east and you’ll find the Vex Transformer floating in mid-air by the tower on the far side of the map. 
  • Go to the Radiolarian waterfall which has some Cabal and Vex enemies clustered around it. Head to where the waterfall pools and then go behind it to get the Transformer.
  • Make due south until you hit the portal to the Infinite Forest. You’ll notice the Transformer floating above.
  • Go west now, and peer down after reaching the furthest marker. Don’t plummet to your death; carefully mince along and turn to stick up against the wall and you’ll see the Transformer.

Vex Transformers Destiny 2 Location Guide – Nessus

  • Go to Artifact’s Edge and turn around once you spawn in to spot the Transformer staring at you across the way.
  • Kick around by Exodus Black and you’ll want to keep on the lookout for Vex Harpies because there’ll be a cluster around a tunnel that you have to check out. Follow them to a Vex gate which will also have the Transformer floating nearby.Get to the Tangle and once you’re where the marker tells you to be, look for a red tree. It’ll be hiding the Transformer from plain sight.
  • Go to the Glade of Echoes and there will be Fallen roaming around in the vicinity of the Transformer map marker. They’ll be on top of a shaft with the Transformer inside.
  • Make for the Hallows and make sure that you’re in the lower levels before you head in the direction of your marker. Keep your eyes to the left and you should notice it after you bob along for a bit.

Now that you’ve got our Vex Transformers Destiny 2 location guide, getting your mitts on all 15 of these items should be a piece of cake. Need a hand with anything else? Check out these other guides that we’ve put together for your Season of the Dawn experience:

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