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Vex Mind Components Destiny 2 Guide

by Ginny Woo

In the wake of the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launch, everyone’s likely been adjusting to the number of changes that the game has been through. There’s a whole raft of new content to push through, so if you’re just getting caught up and you think that everything’s a bit overwhelming, we definitely don’t blame you. Check out our Vex Mind Components Destiny 2 guide to figure out what to do with these new Season Pass rewards and what Guardians have learned so far.

Vex Mind Components Destiny 2 Guide

So, what are these Vex Mind components? Well, you may or may not recall that Destiny 2 has now moved to a Season Pass system, a la Dauntless and a number of other notable multiplayer games-as-a-service titles. When you gain ranks with your flashy new Season Pass, you’re going to be gifted with items called Vex Mind Components. 

These Vex Mind Components are meant to be turned in to Ikora for what the game is now calling “Vex weapon artifacts”. However, if you do go to initiate dialogue with Ikora, you’ll find that you’re actually unable to carry out this action right now. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that what you’ve done so far is useless.

From what we can gather, there’s going to be an in-game event (the first for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep) called the Vex Offensive. If you’re just about to put two and two together, we’ll make things a little easier. Essentially, these Vex Mind Components will be eligible for exchange with Ikora when the Vex Offensive event actually starts – 5 October. Once the event kicks off, you’ll be able to hand Ikora those components and get weapon artifacts that are going to assist you in the eternal battle against the Vex. This launch date for the Offensive is the same day as the launch of the Garden of Salvation, so there’s going to be a hell of a lot of things to do in Destiny 2 for dedicated Guardians.

If previous experience with collectibles is anything to go by, we’re likely going to need a truckload of these Vex Mind Components to actually get anywhere with the Vex Offensive, so our recommendation would be to keep ranking up your Season Pass in advance of the in-game event so that you’re more than prepared when the enemy comes knocking on our door. The Moon’s door? You know what we mean. We’ll touch this Vex Mind Components Destiny 2 guide up when we get the exact values on the weapon artifacts and get more information about the exchange rate. Need a hand with finding the Bound Manacles? We have some tips for that too.


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