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Vampyr – How to Earn Experience and Level Up Fast

by Larryn Bell

Vampyr is a game about choices and consequences. In order to maintain your life as a vampire, you will need to make tough choices regarding the lives of others. To become a strong vampire, you must unlock and upgrade skills to improve what you are capable of as an immortal being and evenutally evolve Dr. Reid. Upgrading skills requires experience points, which are earned by completing certain tasks in Vampyr. We’ll go over how to earn XP and level up fast in Vampyr to help you hone your skills as a vampire.

How to Earn XP in Vampyr

How to Earn XP and Level up Fast in Vampyr

Suck Blood from Citizens

In Vampyr, there are several different ways to go about earning experience. Of course, since this game is all about being a vampire, one of the primary ways to earn XP in Vampyr is by sucking the blood of citizens throughout the town. 

Although sucking blood is a sure-fire way to earn XP and level up Dr. Reid’s skills in Vampyr, it also guarantees that your victim will be killed, which can have unforeseen consequences later on in the game. It’s ultimately up to you how blood-thirsty you want Dr. Reid to be, so to speak. 

The citizen menu displays the Blood Quality of a person, which shows how much XP you would gain from drinking their blood. When choosing to suck the life essence from a citizen in Vampyr, consider whether losing them as a character is worth the XP you would gain from doing so. Killing prominent members of the community can quickly cause a district to become destabilized.

Vampyr Citizen Hints

Learn Hints 

While embracing a citizen will grant you a huge amount of XP, Vampyr offers a way to maximize the potential XP gained from sucking blood through hints. As you learn more about a citizen in Vampyr, you can discover hints that can boost the amount of experience gained for sucking their blood. However, learning more about a citizen can also influence your opinion of them, which may dissuade you from killing them at all.

Complete Quests

When you aren’t busy sucking blood, much of your time in Vampyr will be spent completing quests and investigations. As you play through the main story, you will be given new quests to complete and areas to investigate. Doing so will earn you a small amount of XP to help you level up your character, but not quite as much as you’d get from a bloody meal. 

In Vampyr, it’s up to you to decide whether you want Dr. Reid to maintain his humanity or succumb to his vampiric tendencies. While sucking blood from citizens is certainly the fastest way to earn XP in Vampyr, it may also be the most dangerous in terms of story progression. Ultimately, how you wish to earn XP and level up in Vampyr is up to you. Just be aware that who you choose to kill and how you go about handling situations will determine the stability of London at the end of the game. 

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