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Valorant Voice Actors Cast List

by Nicholas Barth

A roster of characters called Agents inhabits the world of Valorant. These Agents consist of unique individuals who all possess impressive abilities and personalities. These Agents were brought to life by a talented cast of voice actors who utilized their skills to create the characters that millions of players are currently enjoying playing as in the tactical first-person shooter. Fortunately, we have all of the entire cast of voice actors for Valorant covered for all of you curious players out there. 

Valorant Voice Actors Cast

Players will find that there are a total of 10 Agents in the new title from Riot Games. Each of these characters was voiced by voice actors who have shown off their talents in a variety of other video games and entertainment mediums. Now, this new competitor in the FPS genre is not a story-driven game, so there are not any length cutscenes of the characters that the voice actors had to do. However, the unique personalities of each Agent shine through in the voice lines that they deliver during the middle of a game. 

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You can find the full cast of voice actors for Valorant below:

There is no doubt that the cast above contains some heavy hitters when it comes to voice actors. Steve Blum has voiced characters in recent high-profile releases like Mortal Kombat 11 (Sub-Zero and Baraka) and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (Tank Dempsey). Ashly Burch recently did acting work for both The Outer Worlds (Parvati Holcomb) and Borderlands 3 (Tina). Nabil Elouahabi has not had any previous roles in the gaming world but has appeared on series Like HBO’s The Night Of. Carolina Ravassa has appeared in a variety of games over the years, which include Grand Theft Auto V (Taliana Martinez) and Overwatch (Sombra). Omen’s actor of Jason Marnocha has graced projects such as Carol & Tuesday, Transformers: Combiner Wars, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. 

 Valorant Voice Actors Cast

Our next entry of the Valorant voice actors cast is David Menkin and seen his work on the big screen such as The Angry Birds Movie 2 (Taco Bird) and video game appearances with Horizon Zero Dawn (Walla Walla) and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Malos). Aaron Vodovoz has shown off his talents in recent works that include Killing Eve, Messiah, and The King’s Man. The role of Sage is the first for Naomi Yang in the video game world with her previous work, including Chimerica, Doctors, Deep Water, and Litling. Afolabi Alli is another one of the Valorant voice actors who is making their debuts in the gaming industry with Riot Games’ first-person shooter with his previous work covering multiple productions for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Our final member of the Valorant voice actors cast is Shannon Williams, whose role as Sage is her first in the video game world and is known for her career as a singer and actress in South Korea. 

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