What to Do When Valorant Queue is Disabled

These is a step you can take when the Valorant queue is disabled when you are trying to play the first-person shooter.

Valorant has rocketed onto the video game world following the beginning of its closed beta. Plenty of players has started a queue for the game to find a match and see what Riot Games’ first-person shooter has to offer. However, some players have run into a situation where their queue becomes disabled, and they are not able to find a match. Fortunately, we have everything currently known about this issue covered for you. 

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What to Do When Valorant Queue is Disabled

Valorant Queue Disabled

Now, your queue being disabled is a result of the servers for the game not being online at the time you are looking for a match. The servers being down could be from either a technical issue that Riot Games is trying to fix or due to Riot Games updating the title.

Players will find that the servers for Valorant will go down when an update is implemented, as the update can not be applied when people are playing. 

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This reasoning is why the queue will be disabled to prevent players from getting into a match when an update is being applied to the tactical shooter. 

Unfortunately, there is not anything that players can do when the queue is disabled besides wait. Once the update is successfully implemented, and players have downloaded it, they will see that their queue is no longer disabled and will be able to find a game and start fragging out again. 

Valorant Queue Disabled

There are no other “fixes” for this situation, as it is entirely out of the control of players and rests on Riot Games when it comes to the servers and how they are working, whether it be from an actual problem or them being shut down for maintenance or updates.

Patience is the key factor when dealing with this particular scenario for Riot Games’ popular new game.

Players are likely to see the queue for Valorant disabled plenty of times in the future, considering that Riot Games will be updating the game regularly, which will cause the servers to shut down. Let us know how you are enjoying the FPS title over on Twitter and Facebook

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