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All Valorant Nerfs for Raze and Sage

by Nicholas Barth

Raze, and Sage have emerged as two of the strongest Agents in Valorant throughout the closed beta for the tactical first-person shooter. However, Riot Games have applied some nerfs to these two characters following feedback from the community regarding the abilities of these two Agents. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the nerfs that have been applied to Raze, and Sage covered for you so that you know how they have been changed and how you should adapt before playing as them the next time you jump into the title.

Valorant Nerfs Raze and Sage

The first of these nerfs consists of the reduction of the paint shell grenades that Raze can utilize. Initially, she was able to purchase up to two every round if she had enough money. However, now, players controlling this Agent can only have one of the paint shell grenades per round. Players will now have to be much more selective when it comes to when they throw their paint shell grenade, as they will not have the luxury of having multiple anymore.

The secondary cluster blast of the paint shell grande has also been given a delay, which will provide players with more time to evade them before they explode and start causing damage. Another one of the nerfs for the paint shell grenade of Raze is that it now requires players to get two kills to refresh cooldown.

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 Valorant Nerfs Raze Sage

Sage was also on the receiving end of some Valorant nerfs. One of the first being melee attacks now causes double the damage per hit to Sage’s barrier. This change will allow players to destroy and get past Sage’s barrier much more accessible than before, where it was difficult to destroy be enemy players in low economy rounds where players did not have sufficient firepower to deal with the barrier. 

Another significant change is that players can walk through Sage’s slow orb without making any noise. Now, you can still stealthily move around even when her slow orb covers an area of the ground. This newfound stealth ability brings a level of uncertainty to Sage players, as they can no longer rely on listening for enemy players walking on the area affected by her slow orb. 

There is no doubt that the community will be excited to see how these nerfs to Raze and Sage will impact the overall feel of Valorant going forward. Considering they make changes to significant areas of the game that have been focused on since the closed beta began. 

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