Valorant: Killjoy Abilities Guide

Why is the turret chicken so angry?

It’s time for a new Agent to make their debut in Valorant. This time Riot Games has introduced us to Killjoy, a German engineer-style character that fights with different kinds of gadgets. Yes, that includes a turret, this one being rather colorful and painted with the face of an angry, violent chicken. Riot Games released a new trailer introducing Killjoy, showing off her snazzy look, the marquee turret, and some of her other abilities. Naturally, we’re here to give you a rundown of Killjoy’s abilities, which you can check out right under this friendly introduction.

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Killjoy Valorant Abilities Guide


Once you place the turret, it will scan its area for enemies and take less than a second to start shooting once it spots one. The damage increases the closer the enemy is to the turret, dealing 8 per shot at close range, 6 and mid-range, and 4 at the longest range. It has 125 life points, and can be moved around while it’s still out.


Alarmbot costs 200 credits, and is another weapon you can place wherever you want and move around if you need to. Once it detects an enemy it will charge, then apply a debuff and alert you to their presence. It doesn’t do damage, but it’ll help you do some yourself.

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This is a grenade-like tool that can be stealthily placed on the floor. But you can’t just drop it and leave – you’ll need to manually detonate it. But once you do, its area of effect lingers a bit, damaging anyone who touches it.


As you can see in the video, Killjoy’s Ultimate Ability produces a massive field that essentially places a debuff zone across a wide area of effect. If an enemy is caught inside, they won’t be able to use weapons or skills. Lockdown is very powerful, but it costs 7 Ultimate Points to use. It also takes a long time to detonate once it’s placed, and if Killjoy players don’t hide it well, it only has 150 life points so it’s easily destroyed.

Killjoy is a part of Valorant Act II, and we don’t have a release date for her just yet. But there’s always a spot for turret characters in character-based shooters, so we’re predicting she’ll be pretty popular once she’s available.

What do you think of Killjoy? Do you like her design, or do you already see some strategies to use with her bag of tricky tools? Let us know what you’re thinking over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels.


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