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Valorant Competitive Ranked Mode Release Date

by Nicholas Barth

Valorant is the new tactical first-person shooter from League of Legends developer Riot Games and has grabbed the attention of the video game world impressively during its closed beta. One of the highlights of the game’s closed beta will be the arrival of a competitive ranked mode where players will be able to test out the ranking system for Valorant and provide feedback to how it works. With this in mind, there are plenty of players who excited the release date of the competitive mode. Fortunately, we have all of the currently known information regarding the release date of the ranked playlist for the game covered for you.

Valorant Competitive Ranked Mode Release Date

Now, Riot Games has officially announced a release date for the competitive ranked mode of Valorant. The developer revealed to the community that it would be taking place soon after the implementation of patch 0.49 for the regions of North America and Europe on Wednesday, April 29th. Riot Games revealed that they will be implementing patch 0.49 beginning at 4:30 AM PT with the servers scheduled to be back online at 10 AM PT.

 Valorant Competitive Ranked Mode Release Date

Patch 0.47 was implemented for the game on April 21st. Players will have to wait for the arrival of Patch 0.48 before 0.49 is added into the game, which will eventually lead to the arrival of the release date for the competitive ranked mode. Players will likely have to wait a couple of more weeks ahead of the title’s Summer 2020 launch before they can test their skills to the highest degree and climb up the rankings for the very first time. Those wanting to keep up with when patches 0.48 and 0.49 arrive can keep their eyes glued to the game’s Twitter account where it will announce when these patches and the mode’s release date are announced.

Those who dive into this playlist when it arrives will allow players to progress through eight different ranks. Seven of these ranks consist of three different tiers with the highest rank known as Valorant being the only one that does not have three different tiers. Unfortunately for players who rise to the very top during the closed beta, their rank will not carry over to the game when it officially launches in Summer 2020, but that will surely not stop players from testing their skills and trying to rise up the rankings of the Valorant competitive ranked mode to the best of their abilities.

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