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Valorant Agent Tier List

by Nicholas Barth

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter from League of Legends developer Riot Games and has already become one of the most popular games in the world of online multiplayer gaming. Players who dive into the world of Valorant can control a roster of characters called Agents who all possess unique abilities. The closed beta for the title has given the community a chance to play with each agent and see how strong they really are. Now, players have been able to begin ranking the current version of these characters. With this in mind, we have put together our own Agent tier list that will show you which characters are at the top and which ones are struggling at the bottom. 

Valorant Agent Tier List

There is a total of 10 characters that players can currently pick from when they jump into a match of Valorant. Each of these characters has been played a large number of times by the community, which has allowed for them to rise to the top or sink to the bottom regarding where players consider they should be sitting on a tier list. Now, our Agent tier list is based on our experience playing and could be different from how you see the roster of Agents. Players have different strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, which all play vital roles in the creation of a Valorant Agent tier list. 

You can find our official tier list for each agent that makes up the character roster of Valorant below:


At the top of our Agent tier list, we have Breach, Viper, Raze. These three characters all have shown that their current versions can easily carry a team on their back and secure plenty of eliminations or completely take over situations. Raze with her grenades and rocket launcher ultimate can take out groups of enemies without too much trouble and usually provides guaranteed kills unless you just blatantly miss. Breach has a plethora of abilities from his flashbang and earthquake stuns that allow him to completely disorient a group of enemy players and take them all out by himself. Finally, Viper has a treasure trove of formidable zoning abilities that last for a very long time, especially her ultimate, which can last forever if she is not killed and is allowed to stay inside of it. A spike site held down by a capable Viper player is challenging to clear.


The next section of our agent tier list for Valorant does not have characters that can completely take over a match, but they are undoubtedly the reasons why teams are victorious. These A-tier Agents are Sage, Brimstone, and Jett. Sage is the designated support character of the title, which also possesses one of the game’s most effect zoning abilities. A resurrection ultimate that brings back a dead player also puts Sage at the top of our Valorant Agent tier list. A team can never go wrong with having Brimstone playing for them thanks to his ability to put three long-lasting clouds of smoke almost anywhere on the map and an ultimate that brings down a giant laser on a specific part of the map wiping out any enemies caught in it. Jett is a duelist who has the most mobility in the tactical shooter, which allows her to conduct aggressive pushes that no other character can and often put enemies in exposing moments of distress.

Valorant Tier List


Our next section of this Valorant Agent tier list contains the likes of Phoenix, Sova, and Omen. Phoenix can be a very capable duelist that gets frags for his team. However, his abilities are not as strong as the likes of other characters, and his ultimate, which allows him to be killed and return to a specific location, is frustrating due to an animation that can not be canceled and often results in players dying. Sova is an excellent recon character, but other than that, he can easily be outdone in combat situations by other characters with this drone being a cumbersome ability to use. Omen’s smokes and teleportation abilities allow the mysterious character to make his way to strong vantage points or hit long flanks. Still, he is hard to master, which results in players often not being able to use his abilities to their fullest potential. 


Cypher sits at the bottom of our Valorant tier list. He does provide the opportunity for players to keep eyes on and control a spike site. However, other than that, his abilities are useless in gunfights and do not offer anything much more helpful for a team than what the other nine Agents could bring tot he table in his place, making Cypher a less than stellar pick most of the time. 

There is no doubt that our tier list and many others will change over time as Riot Games tweaks the characters of Valorant, and players learn how to maximize the abilities of each one with more time playing on the servers. 

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