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Valkyria Revolution – Combat Tips

by Josh Hawkins

The combat system in Valkyria Revolution is unlike anything we’ve previously seen in a Valkyria game, which means it may take fans a bit to get used to it. Unlike previous titles, Valkyria Revolution uses an action-rpg like system that relies upon an action gauge to attack. In this article we’ll talk about the different faucets of the combat system, and offer a few helpful Valkyria Revolution combat tips for newcomers to the game.

How Combat Works

Combat in Valkyria Revolution works a bit different than previous titles, as we mentioned above. Instead of turn-based combat, players must dodge or block enemy attacks until an “Action Gauge” fills, which will then allow them to attack. Likewise, they can also use the Battle Pallete (which completely pauses time in the game) to select a secondary weapon—like a gun or grenade—or to cast spells. When casting spells, it should be noted that time stands still completely, which makes it  very easy to use these spells.

Combat Tips

There are various pieces of cover strewn across many of the battlefields that you will fight upon in Valkyria Revolution. You can hide behind these pieces of cover by pressing the R1 button, which will cause your character to crouch or slink up against a wall. This can be used to ambush enemies as they engage you, or to simply regain HP during battle.

You should also keep your Squad Orders in mind when going into battle, as well as your formation. You can give direct orders to squad members, though the easiest way to manage your squad is to change your formation. You can have members run solo, partnered up, or as a full squad, which will help them focus on more dangerous targets. You can change this easily by pressing L1.

Make your secondary weapons count, as they do have a limited amount of uses each battle. These can actually be increased or rearmed at bases that you capture throughout battles, so make sure you capture battles in your path if you have the strength for it. Save things like bullets and grenades for the more dangerous enemies, and always try to use spells that work well against your opponents.

Be mindful of the enemy types you are fighting. Enemies like Tanks will require you to damage their legs first, whereas shield-bearer enemies will be able to block any and all attacks coming from the front. Sneak around them to attack from behind, and take down the legs of tanks to weaken them and eventually bring them to their knees. Always watch out for other enemies, though, and try to learn their weaknesses as quickly as possible.

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