Valheim Update 0.216.9 – Full Patch Notes Listed

Not a lot of new content, sadly.

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Another Valheim Update has taken us by surprise, but sadly, not a lot of new content is available. These Patch Notes contain a lot of bug fixes and optimization features, so we have every reason to still be happy. Hopefully, new content (like a new biome) comes soon enough, because we just can’t wait. Here’s what’s new in the Valheim 0.216.9 Update.

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Valheim 0.216.9 Patch Notes

Let’s start with the Developer’s comment on the matter:

This patch includes a lot of optimizations for many underlying systems of the game – this is to improve in-game performance for both small and large worlds, network performance, and load times and drastically decrease save file sizes. We hope that these changes will be a significant improvement for some of you!

You’ll also find the midsummer items enabled again, so place down a maypole and go dancing!

Detailed patch notes:

  • Midsummer items enabled (Maypole & Midsummer crown)
  • Many performance, memory, and networking improvements for both new/unexplored and old/explored worlds
  • World save file size greatly reduced
  • Fixed endless loading of save manager when switching tabs too fast
  • World save files that are corrupt, have load errors, or have missing meta files can now be restored from the most recent backup directly from within the Select World menu by pressing the “Start” button.
  • Save file stability & issues fixed
  • Decreased load times in the Manage Saves menu.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the GUI to not update when deleting the bottommost backup in the Manage Saves menu.
  • An automatic backup is made when starting a world in a new version, and a permanent backup is created when loading into a new world version
  • Fixed a world load issue between versions. (You can no longer load into a world from a game version that is newer than your current game version)
  • Fixed hitbox issue for close combat and spear-throwing issue
  • Added “UI scaling” to settings on Xbox
  • Minimap pin input fixed on steam deck & big picture mode
  • Minimap text input fix for certain Asian languages

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That’s all for these Patch Notes. Luckily they’re fairly short, so you could have skimmed through them fast. However, if you want to read more about Valheim, check out How to Tame Wolves Easily in Valheim or the rest of our Valheim coverage under the game tag below, here at Prima Games.

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