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V Rising: Willfred the Werewolf Chief Location and Boss Fight Guide

by Nikola Pajtic

V Blood bosses grant unique abilities when defeated in V Rising and Willfred the Werewolf Chief is no exception. Many perks await you when you finish him off, but the question is where do you find the monster and how do you kill it? Here’s Willfred the Werewolf Chief’s location in V Rising, along with a boss fight guide.

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Where is Willfred the Werewolf Chief in V Rising? 

Willfred the Werewolf Chief is based at the Gloomgrave Village, northeast of the Dunley Farmlands. The notorious boss will make his appearance near a small house just north of the village. 

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However, before you reach the boss, you will face countless werewolves – Willfred’s minions. It is better to kill them on sight because they will make your fight against Wilfred much harder. 

How to Defeat Willfred the Werewolf Chief in V Rising

Before facing this V Blood boss, you must know that Willfred the Werewolf Chief is level 64. Level up your gear and armor to at least a matching level first and the fight should go without a hitch. 

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Before getting into the fight, there are a few items and abilities you should equip:

  • Iron Crossbow – Focus on long-range attacks.
  • Volatile Arachnid – This ability will deal extra damage.
  • The Ward of the Damned ability – Stops attacks that cause massive damage.
  • Veil of Chaos – Helps to distract the boss, dodge his attacks, and increase the damage of your next attack. 

Here are Willfred’s abilities and his attacks:

  • Invisibility – Willfred cloaks himself for a few seconds before attacking from behind.
  • Summoning Humans – He can summon humans countless times, which is rather annoying. The humans are a shield between him and you, and he can use them to heal himself. 
  • Propelling Himself into you – When he buffs himself, he will attack you with his palms or head butt you, which can be rather annoying and painful at the same time. 

It is best to battle him during the night as you won’t be able to extract V Blood the moment the sun breaks. The easiest way to defeat Willfred is to lure him into the tiny house and simply combine your long-range attacks against him and the humans he summons. Dodge his attacks the best you can, and once you defeat him, extract the V Blood for new abilities. 

These rewards include the Heart Strike ability and the recipe for Holy Resistance Flask. 

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