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V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot Expansion Announced – Release Date and Details

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by Matt Vatankhah

Stunlock Studios really struck a vein with their 2022 early access release of the multiplayer vampire survival game, V Rising. Taking inspiration from other online survival titans like Rust and Valheim, V Rising throws players into a vast land where they’ll battle humans, beasts, abominations, and each other in a struggle to maintain their unholy dominance. After a year since its release, we now have a sneak peek at the newest batch of content coming soon, with enough bloody content for the whole family to sink their fangs into. Here’s everything we know about the much-anticipated expansion for V Rising – Secrets of Gloomrot.

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V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot Expansion – Release Date and Details

V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot is set to release in May 2023. The exact date is yet to be announced, but Stunlock Studios has promised that this is the first of three major content expansions planned for the game.

The developers at Stunlock Studios state on their blog, “This update is more than a big patch; it will be an expansion-level event and a wide-scale update of the complete current state of the game. We’ve been steadily unveiling more and more of what we’re planning to release.”

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What’s Coming in V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot

The new expansion will introduce a brand new, large-scale area called Gloomrot, found just north of the Dunley Farmlands. The new zone will be almost as big as the Dunley Farmlands and will be split into two distinct sections containing new terrors and technologies alike.

One of the most anticipated and requested features will be arriving in the expansion as well – multiple castle floors. Finally, blood-suckers around the land will be able to ascend toward the heavens in their vampiric domains, adding a whole new level of gameplay and depth toward base construction.

Stunlock Studios promises a large list of new and exciting features coming to V Rising, as shown on their developer’s blog:

  • New weapons and weapon skills, such as the much-requested Greatsword.
  • Changes to the current map to make it more visually attractive.
  • New areas and points of interest.
  • New enemy varieties in the current biomes.
  • Changes to progression to make the whole journey smoother.
  • A brand new biome with new enemies, factions, and V Bloods.
  • Multiple castle floors.
  • Expansion of Dunley Farmlands, such as the Quartz Mine and Glass Factory.
  • A new spell school.
  • Quality of life improvements.
  • Trading Posts to buy valuable goods with your silver coins.
  • The Jewel system, which will allow you to customize your spells.
  • Large overhaul to the entire spell system and spell schools to improve combat.
  • Legendary weapons.
  • Territories, a revamp on the land claiming system.

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For a more in-depth look at the technical aspects of the upcoming expansion, you can check out the official Stunlock Studios developer update blog here. For more information on V Rising, check out our other guides here at Prima Games.

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