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Using Crafting Metals In Apex Legends

by Prima Games Staff

When competing in Apex Legends, players can earn a variety of resources including Crafting Metals. With this material, players can stand out from others with custom character and weapon skins along with banners, quips and trackers.


Here’s how you can put this Crafting Metals to work.

Earning Crafting Metals

The easiest way to acquire Crafting Metals is by getting Apex Packs, which are awarded each time you level up. The math is easy enough. Each new level earns one Apex Pack.

You’ll need to switch over to the Apex Store to open them, and they contain some cosmetic items in addition to Crafting Metal. Eventually, Metal rewards may be included in seasonal Apex Legends Battle Passes, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Using Crafting Metals

Crafting Metals are used to unlock additional cosmetic items, including Banners, Legend skins, Trackers, Quips, and Finishers. Your available Crafting Metals are shown on the upper right corner of the home screen along with Legend Tokens and Apex Coins.

If you want to pick an item up using Crafting Metals as currency, switch to the Legends or Armory tab. From Legends, select the character you want to deck out to view available skins. Then pick your favorite one and make the exchange. The same process applies to purchasing weapon skins from the Armory.

Items will vary in price according to rarity, and are broken down accordingly:

  • Common items cost 30 Crafting Metals
  • Rare items cost 60 Crafting Metals
  • Epic items cost 400 Crafting Metals
  • Legendary items cost 1,200 Crafting Metals

So, now that you know what to do, get out there and earn those Apex Packs so you can deck out your character in style!

Prima Games Staff

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