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Until Dawn Tips for Survival

by Prima Games Staff

Sony’s horror thriller, Until Dawn, tells the story of eight friends visiting a remote cabin and coming face to face with a killer. What separates this game from the competition is the butterfly effect, where choices you make throughout the experience determine multiple outcomes.

It’s tough keeping all eight people alive, but Prima’s Until Dawn tips will point you in the right direction. We can’t lie about your chances, but you have our sympathies.

Know Your Totems

Throughout the game you’ll find little Totems scattered on the ground. Inspect totems by picking them up (hold the R2 button) and turning each one over. There are five different types, and each one plays a crucial role. The more you find, the easier it will be to avoid the maniac.

The black butterfly, or Death totems, prophesize the player’s death. You’ll want to keep these in mind, because one fatal mistake with a particular item may cost this character his or her life.

Next is the red butterfly, or Danger, which foretells an event that will happen to this character. While not necessarily fatal, the following events may lead to trouble.

The brown butterflies, or Loss, show tragedies that will befall other friends in the game. Since it’s impossible to know whom you’ll control next, make sure you remember these.

Yellow butterfly totems, referred to as Guidance, offer visions to assist you in helping other characters. These are among the least disturbing totems in the game.

Finally, there are white butterflies, or Fortune. You’ll learn more about the current character and the choices he or she could make in different situations.

Find the Clues

While journeying through the cabin and the surrounding area, you’ll come across clues. These are little bits of information that tell you more about who the killer might be, as well as the backstory involving the disappearance of two twin sisters.

The more clues you track down, the more you’ll learn. Search through every nook and cranny for these clues (highlighted by light-up icons when you walk nearby or when you shine a flashlight in the right direction), and look at the clue page to see if there were any you missed during a chapter.

Hunting for clues may seem like a lame thing to do in a horror movie, but the more you know, the better.

Making Decisions

Finally, expect to make good and bad decisions. Sometimes these can be fatal, while other times the characters will survive. This system results in multiple endings where everyone lives or dies, with different outcomes in between.

Always go with your gut. Should you pick a fight with a character because he hit on your girlfriend, or let it slide? Should you hide under the bed or make your way out a nearby door? Not every decision is the right one, but the dynamic of playing your way and seeing where you end up is one of Until Dawn’s unique traits.

This also goes for the Counselor. In-between episodes of what’s happening at the cabin, you’ll pay a visit to this guy (played by Peter Stormare), as he breaks down certain feelings by having you choose pictures you fear or ones that make you happy. It may not say a lot at first, but this tone carries over into the game’s events, making the experience unique. When you make these decisions, go with your gut and you can’t go wrong. Well, you can, but at least it plays out differently.

Keep Absolutely Still

Finally, there will be some quick-time events in the game where you’ll need to keep absolutely still to keep someone from noticing you. You may be shaking after a really tense segment, so don’t be afraid to use your legs for support (if you’re sitting) or lean on something to keep still. This will help you get through the segment – and maybe live just a little longer.

For more, beat the entire game with Prima’s free Until Dawn walkthrough.


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