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How To Unlock Mercenary In Risk Of Rain 2

by Prima Games Staff

There are a number of different characters to play as in Risk of Rain 2, but each requires certain steps to unlock. One of the most popular characters in the game is Mercenary, but unlocking him requires a fair bit of work and a good chunk of luck too. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to unlock Mercenary in Risk of Rain 2.

Mercenary isn’t unlockable until you’ve made it to the first Celestial Portal. If you haven’t found one yet, you’ll need to keep playing until you find one. This will take a different amount of time for each player, but a common point to run into a Celestial Portal is after beating Rallypoint Delta. Whatever your method, keep playing and eventually you’ll find a Celestial Portal.

Once you’ve found a Celestial Portal, enter it and hunt down the Obelisk inside. You’ll often have to travel quite far inside the portal to reach the Obelisk, but there will always be one there. Once you reach it, interact with it and choose to obliterate yourself from existence. Don’t worry, this might sound terrible but it’s actually a big part of the game. 

Choosing to obliterate yourself will cost you your current run. Your current character will die, sacrificing their own life. While that sounds terrible, you’ll be rewarded for your offering. Once the sacrifice is complete you’ll gain the True Respite achievement and unlock Mercenary as a playable character.

You’ll need to pay a price in order to unlock Mercenary, but so long as you’ve played far enough to find a Celestial Portal then you have the option to unlock Mercenary, one of the most sought-after characters in Risk of Rain 2. We’ll have more guides on the way soon for Risk of Rain 2, so be sure to check back again soon to learn how to unlock more characters and discover the other strange quirks hidden in the game.

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