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Unlock the Ballistic Shield in Battlefield 4 and Complete the Vanguard Assignment

by Prima Games Staff

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With Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth now available to Premium members, players are not only battling it out in the all new Chain Link game mode, they’re also hard at work trying to complete a batch of new assignments. With weapons like the Unica 6 and Deagle 44 up for grabs, there are plenty of people to shoot while hanging out at the dam on Sunken Dragon.

While it’s not exactly a weapon, the Ballistic Shield, a gadget that can be unlocked for the Support class, is also bound to be a hot item. With that in mind, we thought we’d share a few tips and tricks to help you complete the Vanguard assignment with as little fuss as possible.

5 Savior Kills

The first part of the assignment is something that can’t really be forced, and that is a theme that continues throughout the remainder of the requirements. Getting Savior Kills is exactly as it sounds… killing an enemy soldier and saving one of your teammates from harm. While being heroic is all fine and dandy, it’s very hard to plan for this type of kill. Still, in a single evening of Battlefield 4 action, you should have no trouble knocking this one off your list.

20 Suppression Assists

A Suppression Assist, as strange as it may sound, doesn’t involve actually shooting your opponent. Instead, you want to shoot close to your foe, causing them to become disoriented, then letting your teammate finish the job.

Once again, this one isn’t really something that you can control, but there are things you can do to increase your chances. First of all, try using an LMG from the Support class, or a Sniper Rifle from the Recon class. Use the LMG to send a hail of gunfire down narrow pathways, and the Sniper Rifle to spot and engage targets from a distance. Both options are bound to give you ample Suppression Assists. If you’re not in a hurry, just play the game as you normally would and let them happen naturally.

Destroy 3 Explosives

Continuing with the straightforward objectives, the last part of this assignment is to destroy three pieces of enemy explosives. They can be Claymores, C4, M15 AT Mines or even M2 Slams. You obviously can’t control if or where the enemy deploys these devices, but you can play maps and game modes that are likely to see heavy use.

Get into a game of Conquest Large, then hop into a Light Armored Vehicle. There are no guarantees, but where there are vehicles, you can usually count on lots of explosives nearby as well. As you’re moving, continue to spot the ground in front of you, waiting to spy a few M15 AT Mines or M2 Slams. Once you’ve found them, shoot them to complete this assignment and unlock the Ballistic Shield. If you’re more into the infantry combat, be on the lookout for Claymores in stairwells and doorways. You should find lots of them on Pearl Market.

Of course, unlocking the Ballistic Shield is the easy part, where as finding a useful place to use it is likely to be much more difficult. We busted this bad boy out on Pearl Market, but just ended up getting blown up and shot in the back more than anything. Even as a melee weapon, the Ballistic Shield will take several hits to kill your enemy. Still, if you’d like to see it in action (as well as see a few additional tips to completing the assignment), check out the video below by Harri Does Gaming.

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