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Unlock All Islands in Jurassic World Evolution

by Josh Hawkins

There is a total of five different locations that players can work to overcome in Jurassic World Evolution. You’ll need patience, work, and dedication to your park if you wish to unlock all islands in Jurassic World Evolution. The good news is, we’ve got all the information you need to unlock all islands in Jurassic World Evolution, so drop everything and find out everything you need to know to get started.

How to Unlock All Islands

Unlock all the islands in Jurassic World Evolution isn’t going to be an easy task, the good news is, all you’ll really need to do is hit a specific island rating on specific islands that you can build parks upon. There’s no real big requirements here, though you will need to know how to make money fast, as having money in the bank will allow you to really expand your park and grow your audience, giving your park a higher rating.

Isla Muerta

As the second island that you can unlock, Isla Muerta poses a nice middle ground for players looking to up their game a little and give themselves more of a challenge. This island features more dangerous storms than the first island that you unlocked in the game, so you’ll need to work a bit harder to keep things afloat. To unlock this island all you’ll need to do is hit a three-star park rating on Isla Matanceros, which shouldn’t take you that long if you follow our guide on how to get started in Jurassic World Evolution.

Isla Nublar

As the location from the first movie, Isla Nublar is a sandbox of infinite possibility, making it an open playground for all your dinosaur park needs. There are a few challenges here, though the option for unlimited money and things like that really give you a ton of room to work. Unlocking this island isn’t too difficult, as you’ll need to reach a four-star rating for your park on Isla Matanceros.

Isla Tacano

A tropical paradise among The Five Deaths, Isla Tacano offers stunning vistas and is well suited for your operations. However, don’t let the feeling of paradise get you cocky, as Isla Tacano still offers plenty of challenge to keep you on your toes. You can unlock this island by earning a three-star rating on Isla Muerta.

Isla Pena

As the smallest island in The Five Deaths, you won’t have much room to work with here, which is one of the most challenging parts of building up a park here. The island is also a major point for storms to hit, and all operations here are conducted after dark, making it extremely difficult to manage if any dinosaurs happen to escape into the island’s wilderness. You can unlock Isla Pena by completing a three-star rating on Isla Tacano.

Isla Sorna

Fans of Jurassic Park will find the ultimate challenge waiting for them on Isla Sorna. As the island that houses the massive InGen facility from the movies, Isla Sorna sees frequent tropical storms and it can be unlocked by earning a three-star rating on Isla Pena.

Now that you know how to unlock all of the islands in Jurassic World Evolution, make sure you check out our other Jurassic World Evolution guides to learn more about the game and its various systems.

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