Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3 Guide – How to Get This Pistol

Not satisfied with just one cool pistol? Our Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3 guide will help you add this particular bullet hose to your arsenal.

If you’re after a new weapon in Borderlands 3, then you’re likely not alone. We’ve had tons of demand recently for pistols like Dead Chamber, so here’s another one to add to your collection if you’re so inclined. Vladof hardware has always treated us well, so here’s our guide to getting the Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3 pistol.

Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3 Guide – How to Get This Pistol

The Unending Magnificent is a pistol that holds a special place in our hearts because, well, you can fire it for a hell of a long time. Yeah, we’re talking SMG rates of fire here. Spray and pray to your heart’s content with this bad boy if you like, because it has three bloody magazines. 

This particular Legendary pistol can spawn as either Corrosive, Incendiary, Shock, or without an element when you find it. The special weapon effect is displayed in Russian, and it apparently translates as “Going somewhere for a day, take bread for a week.” This undoubtedly is a reference to the increased magazine size, fire rate, and reload time. It can fit over 100 bullets in its magazine, after all. While this means that the pistol takes a hit in the base damage department, we think that its unique fire rate and huge magazine definitely give you more than enough bread to work with. 

On top of that, if you’re playing a Vault Hunter whose skills allow you to pump extra ammo into your gun i.e. refresh it while you’re firing, you’ll be able to essentially use the Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3 Legendary pistol as a bullet hose. Sounds nifty, right? Moze and FL4K players should definitely have this weapon on their radar if they’re wanting to make the most of its effect. 

Now, on the matter of getting the weapon itself. It’s a random drop from any loot source in the overworld, which both means that you’ve got a decent chance of it kicking out of a toilet somewhere but also a shame because you can’t just whack out a sidequest and be done with it. If you’re wanting to farm bosses for weapon drops like this one, we’rd recommend Graveward (and we have a guide for that too). Just have a bunch of persistence and the Unending Magnificent Borderlands 3 pistol could also be yours in, well, some length of time.

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