How to Get Underwater Chests in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Use one power to find them all in TotK!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has many hidden secrets and treasure chests to uncover. Some of the most common places hold some of the best secrets, hiding in plain sight, but cannot be seen with the naked eye. 

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In some of these cases, the help of your abilities makes finding treasure chests a breeze. In this guide, I will explain how to locate underwater treasure chests and get them since you cannot swim underwater or stay in the water for long periods in Tears of the Kingdom.

So to save your time and stamina while gaining some valuable items in the game, keep reading this guide…

How to Find Underwater Chests in Tears of the Kingdom

While sailing across the river or walking close and along the shorelines, activate Link’s Ultrahand ability by holding L and using the right analog stick to select. Once you’ve chosen, the Ultrahand will act as a radar and differentiate all objects that can be moved, lifted, or attached with the Ultrahand power. A treasure chest is one of these moveable items.

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What’s impressive about this power is that it allows you to see and track underwater treasures easily. In fact, it helps you scan any area for objects you could have missed with the naked eye. All moveable items will glow orange/brown and, when hovering over the object, will turn green and prompt you to grab the item. 

Underwater Treasure Chest Located with Ultrahand (Screenshot: TotK)

How to Get Underwater Chests in TOTK 

Now that you’ve located the chest underwater, it’s time to bring the item to the surface and raid it for its hidden treasure. To retrieve the chest from underwater, you need to grab the chest by pressing A in Ultrahand mode. 

After pressing A, you’ll be in control of the treasure chest and need to move to where it’s dry and can be opened, preferably the land or your boat, if you’re fishing for treasure chests from your log boat.

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Once you’ve found a place to sit the chest down, press B to release it from your Ultrahand clutches. Head over to the chest and press A to unlock it.

Remove Treasure Chest From Underwater With Ultrahand (Screenshot: TotK)

How I stumbled upon this “second” feature of the Ultrahand power, I was busy building a boat on the shoreline, getting ready to sail to the other end, and then I saw an odd shape compared to the fish and Lilly Pads that were in the water. Just my luck, it was a treasure chest. 

This also signifies how important it is to build your log boat close to the shore, as you never know what’s lurking close to the edge in the depths of the waters. Additionally, it proves that you need to be exploring all corners of the sky and surface in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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