What Is UFL? New Soccer Game Explained

Is UFL the challenger to EA Sports FC & eFootball?

UFL, also referred to as Ultimate Football League, is a free-to-play online football video game, challenging the soon-to-be EA Sports FC and the already-modified eFootball. Yes, I know we at Prima Games are late to the party about this “new” up-and-coming football game, but better late than never, I always say.

What will be covered in this post on the Ultimate Football League soccer game:

  • Who Created UFL?
  • When Will Ultimate Football League Be Released?
  • Will It Be Available Across All Platforms?
  • Who Are UFL’s Partner Clubs?
  • Latest Announcement

Who Are the Creators of UFL?

The developers of the latest video game to rival Electronic Arts and Konami go by Strikerz Inc. They were established in 2016 by a group of online football gamers, taking their love for the world’s biggest sport and gaming to a new frontier with UFL. The game’s development has been ongoing since 2016, with the first teaser trailer released on August 25, 2021.

The First Look at UFL

When Will Ultimate Football League Be Released?

Well, it was supposed to be released this year in August 2022, but Strikerz Inc announced on the 30th that they would push the release date back. Because of the demand to deliver perfection, they felt it best for the game and fans to delay the D-day by one more year, setting up for 2023. That’s about it on the release date, with us having to keep a close eye on the exact day and month of the release.

Strikerz CEO Eugene Nashilov on Their Reasoning Behind the Pushback:

“We at Strikerz Inc. have always set a very high bar for ourselves, both inside and outside the studio. Our goal now, as it was then, is nothing less than the delivery of a triple-A quality, reactive, realistic football simulator featuring top-of-the-line graphics and gameplay”

Credit: UFL News

Will It Be Available Across All Platforms?

The promise made is that it will be available on most platforms. The confirmed consoles are:

  • PlayStation 4,
  • PlayStation 5,
  • Xbox One,
  • Xbox Series X, and
  • Xbox Series S.

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There has been no talk of PC or mobile inclusion. If Strikerz Inc. wants the game to overtake the long-term frontrunner EA and Konami’s football simulators, they’ll need to include PC and mobile as compatible platforms. There has been no update on Nintendo Switch as of yet, but there is some promising news to look forward to for Switch console owners.

Who Are UFL’s Partner Clubs?

UFL has been working hard to get license agreements with some of the best clubs in the world and has recently signed deals with seven (eight) major European powerhouses.

Ultimate Football League Partner Clubs:

  • AS Monaco,
  • Bayer 04 Leverkusen,
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach,
  • Besiktas J.K.,
  • FC Shakhtar Donetsk,
  • Sporting CP.
  • West Ham United,
  • Rangers? (In January, UFL and the Scottish Premiership club announced they will be joining forces. But since the announcement, Rangers are yet to be included on the UFL website, and
  • PSV (The latest team to join the UFL team).

UFL’s Latest Announcement:

Announcements have been sporadic, with the developers mostly releasing video teasers of the stadiums added to the game and some video footage of the gameplay. The biggest announcement was of the Cristiano Ronaldo fans’ team. CR7 is the video game’s biggest asset and ambassador. For more information on the game’s ambassadors, read: Meet the Game Ambassadors of UFL.

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