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Tyranny – How Conquest Works and Why it Is important

by Prima Games Staff

In Tyranny, evil has already won. Part of this storyline takes place within a new game mechanic called Conquest, which allows you to choose the part that your character played during the last three years of Kyros’ conquest of the Tiers. In this article we will teach you more about the Conquest system, and discuss its impact on your play through of Tyranny.

What does Conquest do?

Conquest is used to determine your starting stats with the specific factions in Tyranny. The choices you make in the Conquest section of your character’s creation will help determine how the Scarlet Chorus, Disfavored, and even Tunon feel about you. It is an important part of the character creation system, however, it isn’t something that is required for you to do. In fact, you actually have the choice of skipping it completely, and letting the game make all the decisions for you. Because of how it greatly affects your story, though, we suggest playing through the Conquest system and making your own choices.

How Does Conquest Work?

Conquest works similar to a choose your own adventure game. You are presented with several different options, which all include different choices. In many cases you will have two choices to make, and they will either lean towards the Disfavored or the Scarlet Chorus. Other choices will give you multiple options, allowing you to side with one of the faction, or even go against both of them.

The Conquest system is divided up into three sections. The first section is chosen for you. This is the first year of Kyros’ conquest of the Tiers. Once you have made your decisions, and captured the city, you will move on to the second and third choices. These options are open to you, and the specific areas that you decide upon will decide how the different people of each area feel about you. For example, during the Conquest mode for our Tyranny Disfavored walkthrough, we often sided with the Disfavored, choosing to shun the Scarlet Chorus. This led to the Disfavored troops having more respect for us at the start of the game, while the Horde of the Scarlet Chorus were somewhat angry with us.

Why Should I bother With Conquest?

While you can skip the Conquest mode and let the game make the decisions for you, it is highly recommended that you complete the section yourself. It doesn’t take too long, and it is an extremely vital part of building up your character’s backstory. In fact, we are still seeing the effects of our choices during Conquest in the main storyline, as we continue deeper into the second and third acts of the game. While these choices might not seem important, and you might be ready to get straight into the action, complete the Conquest mode will allow you to become more immersed in your character by building up your backstory and relationships with the many factions that you come across throughout the story. This can absolutely change how the game plays out for you, and even influence some of the dialogue choices that you see in conversations.

Conquest is a great new mechanic to see in a classic role-playing game like Tyranny. It adds a nice twist to the typical RPG formula, and the effect that it has on your character’s story is seen throughout the game. We highly recommend playing through this special mode after creating your character. You can learn more about the abilities and stats of your character with our character creation guide. Or head back to our Tyranny walkthrough for more detailed information about each main quest in the game.

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