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Tyranny – How Attributes Work

by Prima Games Staff

Continuing the reign of Kyro’s conquest is tough work, and this sort of tough work pays off with points to spend on Attributes and new Skills. Below is everything you need to know about the six Attributes in Tyranny, and how they will help your character grow.


In Tyranny, the Might Attribute affects your character’s physical strength. Whenever you increase your Might Attribute, your attacks will become more powerful and your abilities will deal more damage. If your character is melee-focused, spending points in Might will help increase your lethality while also increasing your Endurance, the key stat related to basic defense.


Tyranny’s Finesse Attribute dictates your character’s accuracy. A character with a focus on ranged attacks and magic spells will see a benefit from spending points on leveling the Finesse Attribute. That means, if your Primary and Secondary Expertise involve the likes of Archery or ranged magic attacks, Finesse will increase the chance of your shots and spells hitting and dealing more damage. While the main focus is on accuracy, predominantly associated with range, the Finesse stat is also useful for melee builds.


The Quickness Attribute in Tyranny is associated with spell and ability cooldown. With a higher Quickness Attribute, your skills and abilities will be available to be used sooner. Quickness, then, is often a good idea for characters with weaker spells that require more uses to kill an enemy as it will allow these spells to be used at a greater frequency. It’s worth allotting points in Quickness if your character is any of the following: a mage, sorcerer, rogue, or archer.


Vitality in Tyranny, as in other RPGs, is one of the most important Attributes to level as it is directly related to your character’s health and strength of personality. Players who plan to use melee builds or who want to be in the thick of battle, should consider assigning extra points in Vitality. However, its usefulness is not only limited to melee and close-range characters, any character class could benefit from a larger health pool. Increasing Vitality also affects your Will defense, which helps defend against enemy magic users.


In Tyranny, the Wits Attribute affects your character’s mental strength. Where other RPGs use Intellect, Tyranny uses Wits. Magic users should try to spend their points in Wits, as it increases the strength of magic attacks and defences. Wits is also useful as it has a direct effect on your character’s ability to spot secrets, detect traps, and even how aware they are of their surroundings.


The Resolve Attribute in Tyranny, much like in real life, affects your character’s ability to withstand and cope with mental and physical challenges. A higher Resolve Attribute will mean your character can withstand greater challenges than with a lower Resolve. If you wish to increase your character’s Endurance, Will, and Magic defenses, consider placing some focus on Resolve, as it is responsible for these stats. Resolve also increases the duration of Afflictions, meaning that any Afflictions your character is able to apply to enemies will last for longer.

No matter your core playstyle, each Attribute in Tyranny can be useful to your character. However, it is a good idea to specialize in a few Attributes, whether it is Wits for magic users or Might of melee builds. By focusing on just a few Attributes, you will be able to create a character that excels at their specific Expertise. By reading this guide, you should now be familiar with how Attributes work in Tyranny.

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