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Tyranny – Console Commands, God Mode, Free Money

by Prima Games Staff

Tyranny is an old-school classic role-playing game that features heavy story-driven content, and unforgiving choices. Like the role-playing games of the past, Tyranny also features a special way to enjoy the game using console commands. In this article we’ll show you how to use console commands, as well as go over the various console commands available to players in Tyranny, such as God Mode and free money.

How to Enter Console Commands

Entering console commands in Tyranny works almost exactly like it has in isometric RPGs in the past. To bring up the console you must press the Tilde key (the ~ key right beside the 1 on your keyboard), and then press Enter to actually open up the command window for typing. From there simply type in the command that you wish to use, and then press enter again.

Sadly, there are a lot of lists of these commands out there right now that show a lot of commands that do not work in Tyranny. Because of this issue we will only include the commands that we have personally tested ourselves.

Console commands and cheats are not enables by default, so you will need to enter in a command to get things started. Press the Tilde key, then tap Enter and type in iRoll20s. This will trigger access to cheats, however, it will also disable any achievements for that particular saved game, so remember to only use these if you aren’t trying to complete the game with achievements.

Due to the nature of what these commands allow, we suggest only using cheats after you have beaten and experienced the game’s story for the first time. Otherwise you risk ruining the experience for yourself.

All Console Commands in Tyranny

We’ve included a list of console commands, as well as their effects below. Take a look and find the ones that you are looking for. We’ll update this list as we have time to try out more commands and verify that they work.



additem money_01_ir X

Adds the desired amount of Iron Rings.

additem money_01_cr X

Adds the desired amount of Copper Rings.

additem money_01_br X

Adds the desired amount of Bronze Rings.

addexperience X

Adds the desired amount of experience to every member of your party.



All party members become invulnerable to damage. Enter a second time to disable god mode.



Restores all Stamina, wounds, and health points to current party members.


Unlocks and opens all the containers currently on the map, including every hidden container.


Forces party to rest at a camp without using Camping Supplies.


Turn off the game’s signature fog of war feature, thus allowing you to see the entire map.

These are all the commands we have had time to verify at this point in time. We’ll be sure to update this article with additional console commands as we confirm them. You should now understand how to use console commands, and the various effects of some of the commands available to players in Tyranny. You can return to our Tyranny walkthrough for more detailed information about the game, including full walkthroughs for each of the major quests.

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