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Tyranny – The Conqueror’s Will Part 2: Proclaim the Edict

by Prima Games Staff

After defeating the Sun Soldiers in the Edgering Ruins, your first quest in Tyranny takes you east, towards the camp that the Disfavored have setup. In this article we will walk you through the next part of your journey, and show you how to proclaim the edict to the Archons.

Disfavored Camp

Traveling to the Disfavored Camp, you arrive south of the camp. Head north and Verse will speak, opening a dialogue. She wants to know why you are here. If you have 32 Lore or Subterfuge, you can use alternate dialogue choices. Once you are finished speaking with her, continue north to find Sterling Hagnon, a traveling merchant, dealing with some Disfavored. You can butt into the conversation here if you’d like, or ignore it.

If you choose to get involved, speak to Sterling to find out what is going on. If you decide to judge what should be done, you will lose a small bit of favor with the Disfavored. Use the Lawbreaker option gain favor with one of the two, the Disfavored or Sterling. You also have options that require 30 Lore or 30 Subterfuge. If you pass the Lore skill check you will also need to pass a 32 Athletic check.

Deciding to let Sterling Hagnon sell buy pay handsomely will cost you no favor gain or loss with the Disfavored of Lethian’s Crossing, which you’ll visit later in the game. If you let him go you will lose favor and gain wrath from the Disfavored. However, if you kill him or tell him to leave you will gain favor with the Disfavored, but you will lose access to any of the items that he has for sell.

When you are finished with the Sterling situation, head inside the camp and meet up with the Merchant Pentibor to offload any of the items you might have found on the Sun Soldier’s in Edgering Pass. You can also steal from him with a Subterfuge skill check of 20. He’ll notice, but doesn’t dare to say anything about it. Once you have finished with Pentibor, you can train your skills with Lucia or Marcus in the camp, or talk to Isotanis near the bottom of the map’s right-hand side to pick up the quest Forge-Bound Iron. He also has some weapons and armor for sell.

Proclaim the Edict of Kyros

Now that you’ve thoroughly explore the Disfavored Camp, head into the middle tent and speak to the Archons. Pay careful attention, and choose your responses wisely, as many of them will determine how much favor or wrath you gain and lose with each Faction. After proclaiming the Edict of Kyros, head outside the tent and look for Ceveus, he’s standing on a wooden platform in the center of the camp. Offer to help him and you will unlock a new map and side-quest, Earthshaker Reinforcements. With that quest added to your log, head over and speak with Iron Marshal Erenyos to acquire your second companion, Barik. You’ll also progress the next quest in the game, The Battle of Echocall Crossing.

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