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Trove Guardian Destiny 2 Guide – Where to Find This Enemy

by Ginny Woo

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep has introduced plenty of Moon-based mysteries, some of them haunted and some of them incredibly adorable (like the Jade Rabbits). Whether it’s unexpected enemies or just something that cusses you out when you get close to it, we’re up to our necks in content that makes us go, “what the hell?” Enter the Trove Guardian Destiny 2 enemy: we’ll give you the lowdown on this roaming fiend, what it drops when you kill it, and where you can find it

Trove Guardian Destiny 2 Guide – Where to Find This Enemy

In case it wasn’t already clear, the Trove Guardian likes to muck about on the Moon. This means that you’re not always guaranteed to find it in the same place each time you go walkabout. We’ve found the Trove Guardian in the following locations before, but we’re willing to bet that the community has sighted it at other spots too:

  • Archer’s Line
  • Wandering around the periphery of the Anchor of Light

The Trove Guardian is pretty dangerous up close, so our recommendation would definitely be to make sure that you’re being cautious and hanging back. Just gun it down from afar and stay out of reach of its melee cleave and you should be able to solo this enemy down if you’re smart about kiting it. 

Trove Guardian Destiny 2 Guide – What Happens When You Kill It

After you’ve gutted the Trove Guardian and you’re positive that it isn’t moving, you’ll be told that a path has opened. If this sounds suspiciously like you’re about to be sent on a jaunt to find some treasure, you’ll be right. Now’s the time to put those eyes to good use: you’re going to want to scan your surroundings until you notice a platform just chilling out in mid-air. Yup, it’s jumping puzzle time.

Work your way up and/or down the platforms that have spawned after the death of the Trove Guardian without plummeting to your doom and you’ll reach one with a chest. Inside this chest, you’ll find some gear and a Phantasmal Fragment. While this is hardly an efficient way to farm Phantasmal Fragments, we can’t argue that taking down a Trove Guardian isn’t useful, especially if you’re wanting to crack into all that the Lectern of Enchantment can offer. With our Trove Guardian Destiny 2 guide in hand, taking this enemy down should be easy. Need help with anything else? We have a complete list of all the Moon weapons that you can get.

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