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Trials Fusion Beginner’s Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Ubisoft and RedLynx returned with the latest entry in the popular Trials series, the futuristic-based Fusion. Like previous games, your job is to get through stages as quickly as possible while overcoming obstacles and your own clumsy driving mistakes to earn medals.

We’ll jump into more advanced tactics – like how to master different courses – in an article later this week. For now, we’ll cover the basics to get you through the first few stages, though you’ll still need to apply skill to avoid crashing. 

How do I maintain balance in Trials Fusion? 

With the Trials games, it’s important to maintain balance. If you’re thrown off in the slightest bit – either going forward or leaning backwards – chances are you’ll end up crashing and restart at the previous checkpoint. When when it comes to balance, keep a couple of things in mind.

First, when coming off a jump or ledge, make sure you’re set to land properly. You can perform some flips in-between, but land with both wheels firmly on the ground. Anything less could be a situation that leads to disaster. 

In addition, remember to sacrifice speed. There are situations where you’ll need to go fast enough to clear a gap. Other times, though, you could jump into a tilted surface that may result in a crash. Try to maintain your speed long enough so you clear gaps and obstacles, and stick the landing. This may take a couple of tries, but there are no penalties for doing this. 

How do I lean in Trials Fusion? 

Leaning can make a huge difference for your rider’s speed. When going up steep hills, for example, you don’t want to only rely on two wheels. The speed from the rear tire will cause you to flip up and crash. Lean forward with the left analog stick and you’ll maintain enough balance to get up the hill while you accelerate. Don’t forget to let go after coming up the hill, or else you’ll end up in a nasty flip forward. 

Combine this tactic with your speed and you’ll be able to traverse steep surfaces in no time. 

How do I master flips in Trials Fusion? 

There are opportunities to show off in Trials Fusion. When you come off a jump, either lean left on the analog stick to back flip, or right to front flip. You can flip multiple times if you like, but remember that momentum works against you, and it’ll take a second or two to come out of rapid flipping and get back to your regular balance. Don’t go too crazy at first – try one flip, then two and then modify your stunt style depending on how much better you get with the game.

Soon enough, you’ll flip like a pro. 

How do I complete Skill Games in Trials Fusion? 

At the end of each stage tier, you’ll come across different Skill Games. These will take some time to master, so don’t get frustrated. Here’s a breakdown of the first two you’ll come across. 

The first requires you to go as long as possible without leaning either forward or back on your bike. At first, the course is naturally set up, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining speed. After you get into some jumps, however, you might want to consider slowing down just a bit – not enough that you can’t get over gaps, but not flying off the handle either.

This isn’t a horse race – time doesn’t work against you, and you want to get as far as possible. Keep practicing, and if you only get a silver medal at first, continue onward. Soon enough, you’ll learn the course enough to achieve gold. 

The second activity involves launching your rider off a giant ramp (hitting the triangle or Y button, depending on the platform) and try to make him or her go as far as possible. The key is to launch at the right time.

Work your way off the ramp, and just when you’re about to hit the edge, hit the button. If pressed at the right time and with the proper amount of speed, you’ll see your rider flap his or her wings above the ground, then land somewhere close to the bottom for the gold medal. 

We’ll return tomorrow with more Advanced Tips. 

Trials Fusion is available now for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4.