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Transformers Devastation Weapon Synthesis Guide

by Bryan Dawson

There are a good number of weapons in Transformers Devastation. You’ll even come across duplicates of weapons that have different stats because they’re a different level or rank. While weapons are unique, it can be difficult to determine which weapons are better simply based on stats. When you add weapon synthesis to the equation it can become even more complex.

If you’re looking to get some of the best weapons in the game, you’ll need to use the synthesis ability to take good weapons and make them great. This article will provide a basic rundown of what you need to be aware of before you jump into weapon synthesis. If you don’t know some of these important details you may end up wasting weapons and credits.

Obtaining Weapons

Before we jump into weapon synthesis, you first need the tools to be able to use the feature. You must have two weapons that are not actively equipped by any of your Autobots before you begin weapon synthesis. You can obtain weapons by simply playing through the various story missions, but you’ll obtain a lot more weapons if you complete some of the missions in Challenge Mode. The better you do in a Challenge Mode mission, the more weaponry you can potentially obtain.


Once you have at least two unequipped weapons, you won’t be able to actually perform a synthesis until you have the required amount of credits. You can obtain credits from doing just about anything in the game. Defeating enemies, destroying cars, finding weapon and item caches… it’s not overly difficult to obtain credits. You should make it a point to smash every random vehicle you come across in story mode because they all drop credits, and some of these weapon sythns can cost a pretty penny.

Base Weapon

The base weapon is the first weapon you select during the synthesis process. This should be the weapon you’re looking to upgrade. The higher the level of this weapon, the more the synthesis is going to cost you. As you can imagine, when you get into the higher level weapons, it will cost a considerable amount to perform a synthesis.

Parts Weapon

The parts weapon is the one that’s basically going to be discarded once the synthesis process is complete. While you want to select a parts weapon that will provide the biggest upgrade to your base weapon, you also need to make sure you’re willing to lose that weapon. Once the synthesis process is complete that weapon will be lost forever, so make sure you’re okay with losing it before you complete the process.

Skills and Slots

What many consider to be the most important part of weapon synthesis is the skills and the slots available for skills. The reason this is so important is because you can easily miss out on upgrades if you’re not paying attention to these two facets of the weapons you’re synthesizing. The biggest thing to look for is the skill slots on the base weapon. If the base weapon does not have any open skill slots, it doesn’t matter what the parts weapon has on it, no skills will transfer over to the base weapon.

This is very important to know because if you don’t see any skills listed on a weapon, you still need to make sure there are available skill slots. That means you see a block with a horizontal line in the middle of it until the skills section on the right side of the screen. If you don’t see this block, the weapon does not have any available skill slots and no skills will transfer over to it during the synthesis process.

In some cases, if you take two weapons that have the same level skill, that skill level will increase once the synthesis process is complete. You can select both weapons and see what the final weapon stats will be before you confirm the synthesis process. It’s recommended that you get in the habit of examining this final weapon preview before you confirm you want to perform the synthesis. If you don’t see the final stats you’re looking for, back out and figure out why you’re not getting the desired results.

Weapon Level and Rank

The level and rank of the weapons in the synthesis process are also important. The higher the level and rank of the base weapon, the more expensive the synthesis will be. In addition, you may see the level of a weapon increase, but if the individual stats do not increase, the synthesis probably isn’t worth it. It’s almost impossible to perform a synthesis and not see the weapon level increase. However, if the various Attack Power stats, Energy, Range, Shot Speed or Recoil stats do not increase, you’re not getting much out of the synthesis. Any category highlighted in yellow indicates there’s an increase of some sort. If you don’t see yellow, no increase is occurring.

Character Availability

The final and potentially most important fact of weapon synthesis is to see which characters can equip the weapon. Not all weapons are created equally, but not all playable characters can use every weapon. There’s no sense upgrading a weapon for Bumblebee if the final product can only be equipped by Optimus Prime and Grimlock. Basically, keep a close eye on everything that’s important to you during the weapon synthesis process to ensure you’re getting the desired results.

Be sure to check out our general tips for Transformers Devastation, and keep an eye on Prima Games as we continue to provide tips and guides on the newly released title over the next few days.

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