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Towerfall Ascension Multiplayer Tips

by Prima Games Staff

When it comes to party-based fighting games, Super Smash Bros. usually takes the top spot. However, Mark Makes Games’ retro-style effort, Towerfall: Ascension, gives Nintendo’s brawler serious competition. This local multiplayer-based action game pits four players against each other using dodging tactics and timed arrow shots to become the last warrior standing. 

Achieve success with these Towerfall Ascension tips. 

Practice Before Jumping into Multiplayer 

Before enjoying the multiplayer component of Towerfall, consider trying the Quest Mode first. Here, one or two players take on a horde of monsters coming at them from all directions. In it, one of the most notable moves you’ll learn is the head bop. You don’t necessarily have to shoot enemies with arrows – sometimes they’ll dash out of the way and force you to scramble to pick them up. Instead, consider taking the high ground when they’re out of reach, then jump on them from above. They’ll quickly disappear, and you can reap rewards left behind in treasure chests until the next wave arrives. 

This mode is useful for learning the head bop technique, as well as how to quickly collect arrows with jumps and dashes. You can try it on your own, or bring a friend along for two-player co-op.

Keep Tabs on Your Arrows 

Towerfall: Ascension was built mostly around arrow attacks. That’s the only way you can take out adversaries on the board. That said, you can carry three at a time. If you fire an arrow and miss the shot, you may consider going and grabbing it before someone else does. Otherwise, you’ll be down to two arrows, making it more difficult to get a kill. 

Sometimes you can pick up nearby arrows in other unlikely places, on the ceiling or stuck in an enemy’s corpse. If you can find closer arrows, use them to your advantage, as you can keep moving and line up your next attack. Sometimes, that split-second moment finding an arrow can make all the difference. 

Master Your Aim 

To pull off wonderful shots in Towerfall: Ascension, aiming makes all the difference. Make sure your arrow points where you want it to, then let loose when the target is in your sights. Otherwise, you’ll miss the shot, then have to scramble for an arrow. 

Try some of the single player quests to perfect your aiming techniques. You’ll be able to quickly get your shots with better results. 

One more quick note – there will be an indicator over your head showing just how many arrows you have in your arsenal. This is beneficial, consistently reminding you that you need a refill. However, it can also be a burden, as enemies can see if you’re armed or not. Tread carefully. 

Defensive Techniques 

There’s more to Towerfall: Ascension than offensive strategy. Sometimes you’ll need to react quickly to avoid an incoming attack from a rival player. That’s where three techniques come in handy. 

The first is the jump. You can hit an opponent on the head to get past it, which will give you the opportunity to find a new spot on the board and plan your next move. Now, if they have a shot aimed at you, it might be worth reconsidering. Otherwise, to get out of range, jump quickly, then work your way to another spot. 

Then there’s the dash technique. This allows you to dart for a quick second in a much faster way, dodging an incoming attack or quickly picking up an arrow left behind. This move requires a recharge after a few seconds, so make sure you use it sparingly. 

Finally, the ledge hang, borrowed from the Smash Bros. series, lets you hang off a ledge. This is a nice move to have if someone on a similar platform wants to take a shot at you, or if you need a second to catch your breath and plot the next move. Don’t stay out in the open for too long, or someone will line you up and put an arrow in your backside. 

Don’t Worry About Online Hang-Ups – It’s Local Only 

Finally, remember that Towerfall: Ascension is a couch-based multiplayer experience. That means you won’t have to worry about logging in online and searching for players. Mark Makes Games crafted Towerfall to be a four-player experience. 

If you don’t have that many friends, remember you can still take part in Quests on your own or with an ally. 

Towerfall: Ascension is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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